Thursday, November 17, 2005

I want a mobile phone too!

It's amazing how parents are bribing rewarding their children nowadays for good results.

I envy Chan Wendy, not for doing well in the UPSR, but getting a RM2000 camera phone as a reward for her 7As achievement. Darn, I've been working for 6 years and the most expensive I have bought is not even half the value! The most expensive I have had is the current free Motorola v975 from Wall's- a colleague just perli that it doesn't even have bluetooth or infra red.

I don't think I got anything from my parents for my standard 5 exams(those days we didn't have UPSR). But I do know what I would've gotten if I didn't do well- the cane.

Speaking of the cane, we call it "tina"- is it a loan word from Malay? I remember when I was small, whenever my mom was about to bring out the "tina", my brother(s) would sing "tina lai liao, tina lai liao, tina lai liao, pha Ah Su.... tina lai liao, tina lai liao, tina lai liao, pha Ah Su!"(basically it means the cane is coming for my arse) to the tune of My Darling Clementine. Such is the sibling support I get... *sigh*

Anyhow, back to Chan Wendy. For great results in UPSR she gets an expensive camera phone... what about PMR? SPM? STPM or A-levels?

plasma TV? Car? House? Mail order husband?