Sunday, September 30, 2012

We won big... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Short + Sweet Musical just ended last night and sadly I did not get to see any of the performances live. But I was delighted to hear the fantastic news from Pentas 2 that our musical was the biggest winner in the festival, sweeping 7 awards, including best overall production & best director!

Kudos to the cast & crew for their efforts. In all honesty, their creative input helped to make our script better and I am still smiling from the big win!

Below are the pictures taken by Dustyhawk during one of the performances. scroll to the bottom for the video:)

The cast, directors & the musicians!!!!

Thank you S+S Malaysia 2012... next: S+S Malaysia 2013!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

S+S Musical 2012

Last year I managed to take part in Short + Sweet Musical & Theatre. Initially I was planning to participate again as performer in S+S Musical & try directing in S+S Theatre, but due to my commitment to Dama Orchestra's Empress Wu. I still hope to at least try directing next year. In the mean time, I am pleased that my collaboration with wifey has resulted in our participation in this year's S+S Musical as lyricists & composers instead:)

Basically it's a very simple story of a family awaiting the return of the son from his studies abroad, and the surprise they got when the son comes home looking a little different. Probably just like me when I returned home from my studies with a blonde hair. Only thing is, the family in the musical are chinese vampires.

We were give a preview of how the songs would sound like last Monday and it was really hilarious! It also feels great to see your writing come to life. The sad part is I won't be able to see the final product live as Empress Wu starts its run a day after S+S Musical begins.

Ah Pa(Freddy Tan, also the director) & Ah Ma(Anrie Too)

Ah Girl(Lynn Goh- we rewrote the musical to include a daughter just for her)

S+S Musical starts Wed 26 Sept and the last show is on Sat 29 Sept, and the last show will be the results show as well. I do hope our submission will win some awards. If you are free, do go support S+S Musical. There will be 6 10-min musical competing and ours is the last piece. You get to vote for your favourite musical and the piece with the highest number of votes will win the Audience Choice Award.

Go to our FB event page for more information!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

An Epic Musical not to be missed!

We are 3 weeks away from entering Pentas 1 of klpac, and mind you, it's been one epic journey.

Wifey & I are performance in our 2nd consecutive musicals(first one being Dec 2011's Malaysian Girls) and it is really exciting working with Dama Orchestra.They set their expectations quite high and it seems to me that they are really afraid to let their audience down. All this while, we have heard a lot of good things about them from both audience & performers and now we can understand why.

Did you know that they hired not 1 but 2 dialect teachers for this musical? One for English, and another for Mandarin. Our dialogues are in English but our songs are in Mandarin. Also, we have to pronounce the names of places & people according to the Chinese tones. They want to make sure that our pronunciation is accurate.

Other than that, we have our choreographer who taught us on Tang dynasty mannerism & gestures. Also, apparently our costume designer went to China to do some research and hand made all our costumes for the show. Talk about being detailed!

The songs sound great, and I especially like the battle songs because it really sets the mood, thanks to the excellent musical arrangement.

We are performing 25 shows but 18 shows have already been bought by various organizations. Do try to catch us in one of the 7 public shows. We may add more public shows but it's not confirmed yet. For information of the show dates &  time, please go to the FB event page here.

Hope to see some familiar faces at the lobby after the show:)