Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mid year crisis? Not really..

In 7 days, I will be half way done with 2012. So far 2012 has been quite calm and smooth sailing for me. Last year was basically busy with production from March until Dec. So this period was a welcoming one.

With only Dead Man Cell Phone & Malaysian Girls(penangpac run), I basically spent most of my time in klpac & The Actors Studio watching my friends perform. The last 2 shows I watched were both in TAS- indicinelive! & Songs for a New World. Both were very well executed and it kinda make me envious of them.

Actually I auditioned for indicinelive! back in March but could not make it to the callback due to my commitment to DMCP. Bad timing, but hopefully I can get to do this next time.

Anyhow, I will be busy with the following starting July:

1. Dama Orchestra's Empress Wu The Musical- the show will be staged from 27 Sept till mid Oct at pentas 1, klpac.

2. SIBKL's Christmas musical Everworld- Sunday rehearsal started in June til Aug, In Sept there will 1 additional weekly rehearsal but I will probably be missing most of the rehearsals till I finish Empress Wu.

3. klpac's  Short+Sweet Festival- wifey & I are submitting our very first short musical. I won't be directly involved in the project but will probably try to find the time observe the rehearsal & give my inputs to the director.

Busy, busy, busy!!!!