Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is there to do in 2011

Hmm.. it's already day 26 of 2011 and my last blog entry was months ago!

Have I been that busy? Well not quite. It's just I have lost the urge to blog. Nowadays, it's just so easy to twit instead of blog. One liners are just a lot easier to type and send instead of blogging.

Why am I blogging now then? Guess what.. I'm going to an audition tomorrow and I am required to do a monologue in the local context. So I decided to look around my blog postings, and decided to write a bit.

Speaking of auditions, last year was interesting because I managed to do 2 musicals. This year, I am hoping to do 1 more musical, perhaps at the end of the year- I heard there's something coming up in Dec with Joe Hasham again. It's very good to work with him as he is a very disciplined director- everything is planned & laid out right from the start.

The audition I am doing tomorrow is for a play in March- no singing no dancing. Just trying my luck - don't think I will get in but it's good to get some experience.

OK, going to search my old entries now. Perhaps I may write again soon?