Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is there to do in 2011

Hmm.. it's already day 26 of 2011 and my last blog entry was months ago!

Have I been that busy? Well not quite. It's just I have lost the urge to blog. Nowadays, it's just so easy to twit instead of blog. One liners are just a lot easier to type and send instead of blogging.

Why am I blogging now then? Guess what.. I'm going to an audition tomorrow and I am required to do a monologue in the local context. So I decided to look around my blog postings, and decided to write a bit.

Speaking of auditions, last year was interesting because I managed to do 2 musicals. This year, I am hoping to do 1 more musical, perhaps at the end of the year- I heard there's something coming up in Dec with Joe Hasham again. It's very good to work with him as he is a very disciplined director- everything is planned & laid out right from the start.

The audition I am doing tomorrow is for a play in March- no singing no dancing. Just trying my luck - don't think I will get in but it's good to get some experience.

OK, going to search my old entries now. Perhaps I may write again soon?


Anonymous said...

Please write more... in fact I've just restarted my gym routine ( ) so your writings have been an inspiration. Thanks, Shades


Anonymous said...

Sorry...I've just started blogging (today!). The link is Sweating It Out

Aragang said...

Dear god! Your last entry was in JANUARY???? You're worse than me :P