Wednesday, August 03, 2011

All changes in time...even this blog

Just been reminded that I haven't blogged since January....OK then, a bit of update since January:

The audition I went in Jan didn't work out and so I went for another one in February and landed a part in what I consider my proudest moment so far in my performing arts career(not that it's a long career, but you'll get the idea). While I like to act & do bits of dancing(if required), I have always considered myself musical person. Hence, auditions that would catch my attentions are, you guess it, musicals. I would rarely go for standard drama auditions and even if I did, it would be just for the experience and not expecting much. Hence, when I went for the Jan audition, it wasn't something that I was hoping to get into.

Anyhow back to the February audition. The event page on Facebook said there's a bit of dancing & singing, so I went for it, did my thing, made an impression and got the callback. At the callback, the guy got us into groups and we were supposed to play out bits and pieces of the scripts that were given to us. Oh boy, I thought. I was paired with this Kuching chic and we rehearse together. I have no idea how it turned up, but I didn't like the feeling of acting at all.

2nd part was checking our vocal range before we were left at the mercy of this lady BB to go through a little bit of choreography. Overall, I thought I did ok in choreography but I totally did poorly in acting. So I didn't think I would be hearing any good news from them.

To my surprise, a couple of days later I got a call asking me if I would be able to come for rehearsal on certain days if I was picked for the show. To make it short, I was picked for one of the stories and to funniest part was, I was going to play a junkie!! OK, I'm no Mr Universe but I was wondering why I was picked for that role.

For the next 2-3 months, however, I was given guidance from how to do research for a character I am playing, learn some dancing terms & moves like piroutte, make new friends.... and in the process, it helped me to break out from the mold I've set myself in.

It has been a wonderful journey and because of this, I now have the confidence to call myself an actor.

Thank you, creative team of Bars & Bedrooms!


TZ said...

Such a long time didn't hear from you. You still hit the gym often?

shades said...

TZ: still in FF, but now manulife:)
You should try Drums Alive, if you haven't done so!