Thursday, August 04, 2011

Balance in life... Gym stuff!

If you have been to Fitness First GX classes lately, the latest craze in the club are Sh'bam & Drums Alive. While Sh'bam is another great program from Les Mills, Drums Alive is a different ball game altogether, pun intended:)

If there's ever a program that is made for me, it would definitely by Drums Alive. Don't get me wrong; I love BODYCOMBAT a lot and it's the first program that got me started in GX... but I have been playing drums since 1990! To put it in Les Mills term, I have been in the essence for years!!

Training was done in June, we launched it in a big way at Miracle 2011 and now Drums Alive is available at the following gym: 1MK, The Curve, Damansara Uptown, Menara Axis, Menara MBF, Avenue K & Klang Bukit Tinggi.

Yesterday morning I taught my first class with Cindy. I have to admit, I wasn't prepared for the class as I was still thinking about the chorey when I was driving to 1MK this morning. However, the moment the music started and I got into the groove, the chorey just came to me so clearly! We both managed to have fun with the members and it was obvious the members loved the total feel of Drums Alive.

Shall do more homework and make next week's class better:)

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Hilda Looi said...

Happy to know that your passion for drums is now being realised in the fitness centre! Jia You!