Monday, October 31, 2005


Last week, on top of the special Madonna BODYJAM®, Fitness First had our Halloween-themed classes all over the gyms, and I was involved in Spooky Combat on Friday at FF Menara John Hancock with fatboy's favourite BODYCOMBAT® instructor.

Trick or treat?

Earlier I did BODYPUMP®... so had to rush to the locker to change a to put up some make up after class. Calvin came in early and got his "thang" done- some more got gloves a gym member lend him. I just put on my clothes and went to the studio to put some colours on my face.

Your instructors for the night...

We took turns to teach the class in the dark with just the neon lights on. So, it was kinda hard to look at how the members were doing. The worst thing was actually halfway through the 2nd track- no thanks to my sweat-the make up went into my eyes and for a moment I had to close my eyes to teach. Fortunately didn't hit anyone by mistake...

The warm up

The jab

front knee to the groin is a painful thing...

It was interesting and different doing BODYCOMBAT® in the dark...

And here's a clip of the Madonna BODYJAM® at FF Wisma Consplant Subang, with the member in white winning the best Madonna look:
(sorry, I promise next year I will buy a better camera...)

Saturday night fever dinner

Will be driving back to Penang tonight to add to the island's traffic woes for the holidays. Will be back on the blogsphere probably next week. To everyone, Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin, and happy holidays!

Guess who's coming for dinner?

Actually fatboy didn't come for dinner, but he invited my gf and I to his place for dinner with his friends. Apparently he's cooking baking...

We were there by around 8pm and were greeted by Mrs. fatboy his better half,Bee Lian. We were quite early because most of the guests had not arrived yet, while the chef was still busy in the kitchen.

Anyhow while we got to know the fellow early birds, we were served with fajita and some biscuits. Slowly, the rest of the guest came and in no time, the place was filled with hungry people. Interesting enough, a few people actually know me through fatboy's blog...

Dinner was served soon enough, and fatboy & wife were playing the perfect hosts, walking around, talking to the guests.

The fellowship during the dinner

Why his blog is fatboybakes....

More food...

Food was plentiful.. unfortunately, I couldn't take much after munching too much fajitas(totally loved it!). But honest, I really enjoyed the meal... so much that I accidentally bit my lower lip while eating.

Calvin, a fellow instructor, was there too. While I was eating, I could hear fatboy introducing "My favourite BODYCOMBAT instructor" to everyone there. At the point, I felt a bit jealous and I really wanted to tumbuk fatboy on the face and leave but remembered that he's the host and the food was just too good to forego Too bad he had to leave early before the game started.

Fatboy with his favourite BC instructor.... and me.

I thought the main meal was good enough but there was dessert! Ice-cream and cake, just the perfect combination to make you fat to end the dinner.

unholy indulgence

45% F-A-T!!!

After dinner, we went to the other room to play this game called Articulate! which was really fun. I had never played the game before but it was addictive. I felt kinda sad when the game ended(which fatboy's team won) coz it was already 12am ++. Most of us got to wake up early for church. Poor fatboy was left with almost a jug full of mojito to finish by himself...

It was a fun-filled Saturday evening, with great food, wonderful new friends made, and cool hosts. I fell sick the next day with a sore throat- probabbly talked too much when I should've just rested my mouth after teaching 4 classes within 24 hours. In the end, was it worth it?

You bet.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Open your eyes...

I've just signed up with Maxis 3G, thanks to Walls for giving 3G mobile phones to the losers finalists of the Love in Tune contest. We are not in the pictures because at that moment, we were still in Bangkok.

Initially we wanted to sell the phone, but nobody wanted it. Heck, I even used but it wasn't successful. So, we decided to use the phones instead.

Anyhow, yesterday we went to change our SIM card and this is the phone- Motorola V975.

clamshell... I hate clamshells!

In all honesty, neither of us would ever buy a Motorola again after numerous bad experience, some more we are more not into clamshell mobile phones. But free phone, never mind lah...

This is an entry-level 3G phone which has all the necessary features but none too impressive. The camera is quite good for a VGA camera phone and you can record video/audio with it too apparently. So far I've not done much with besides downloading some MP3 ringtones and video conferencing with my gf. Kinda bulky & heavy but then again, it's supposed to be packed with 3G features.

So to my friends, if you're on Maxis 3G as well, please let me know so that we can have cool video conferencing!

BODYATTACK® on video

I took this with my cheapskate digicam when Paul was practising for his BODYATTACK® track presentation. You'll also hear me giving my 2-sen advice on his physical execution. Sorry that I turned the camera sideway...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

What happened after the training was over

On the first day of the BODYATTACK® we were asked the question, "What is you goal for this training?"

My answer: To walk out of the gym on my two feet.

Yeah, I managed to achieve my goal... barely. I had calf muscle pain on day 1 and day 2 I got additional pain from my knees and ankles. After a hearty dinner at my favourite mamak restaurant at Seksyen 14, I went back to my home for this.

Foot massage to the rescue!

The shop is Perubatan Rawatan Tradisional Khang Lik and it's just outside my place in Bandar Menjalara. I first went to try their 40 min foot massage on last Friday which was quite good. This time, however, I wasn't going to settle for 40 min and I asked for the 1 hour treatment.

Soaking my feet

This shop is different from the others I've tried when it comes to soaking my feet. This shop uses chinese herbs in their hot water which gives the feet a nice chinese medicine smell(not that I sniff my feet, but the smell strong even after the massage). The others I've been to normally use plain hot water only. Anyhow, soaking in hot water for about 10 minutes really felt good after 2 days of abuse training.

Suddenly I feel like Kenny Sia(minus the hairy legs) with this photo blog...

Oooh... that feels good! Harder please...

I was kinda pleased to get the same guy who massages me last Friday. Personally I like guys prefer to get my massage from a guy because am a masochist. No offence to the ladies, but I like to get stronger massage. Take a look at the guy's arm, small but darn powerful to give pleasure! I almost fell asleep... Even though at times it was painful but it was a pleasurable pain, if you get what I mean.

The 1 hour massage was definitely better than the 40 min one. On top of that, the 1 hour one costs RM10 more only. The guy massage the feet, ankles, calves, knees, basically everything that hurts. Wonderful....

I paid RM40 for the one hour treatment, the 40 min massage is RM30. Besides that, they also provide 1-hour traditional thai massage for RM55. The ladies there speak thai with the guy. so I think the massage coming from real thai peeps should be good, though I have not tried it yet. Will probably try it next time and let you know. Currently, they are offering 10+1, 1 free session for every 10 session completed(probably others are doing it too).

Anyhow, if you stay nearby and you're keen on foot massage, the place is:

Perubatan Rawatan Tradisional Khang Lik,
27, Jln 3/62D, Medan Putra Business Centre,
Bandar Sri Menjalara, Off Jln Damansara,
52200 KL

Business hours: 11am-11pm

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The things we do for fitness...

I'm back from the BODYATTACK® training!

I couldn't sleep well and I woke up at about 6am but I lazed around the bed till it was about 7am on Tuesday. Then I drove to my office which is quite near Fitness First Menara Axis and got my colleague's hubby to drop me there(just wanna save money on parking). By the time I reach there, most of the trainees were already there. Everyone looked so fresh and excited, which was a total different scenario at the end of Day 1.

One is married with child, one attached, and one available... guess which is which?

There were 21 trainees and our trainer was Kirsty Robbie from Melbourne(I think). We started with the usual registration before we did the master class, which turned out to be the most tiring workout I've ever experience! It's like a train that slowly increases its momentum and moves all the way to the end without stop. At the end of the class, I was wondering to myself what I had got myself into!!

To cut the story short, we were allocated a track each to present the next day and the first day of training was spent between listening to Kirsty's "lecture" and doing physical execution. At the end of the day, there was a fitness test which required us to run to and fro across the room till we drop dead, push ups, sit-up etc. It was a darn tiring Day 1...

I made the mistake of wearing a cross trainer for the trainng. Actually, towards the end of the master class I felt as if my feet weighed 10kg and I was rather lucky not to develope blisters. Other that that, I also had calf muscle pain that connected to the hamstrings, thus the back of my knees were in pain as well. Pain or no pain, I had to endure it and went back for Day 2.

Today's training started with our presentations. We were divided into 3 groups and at any time there would be 3 people presenting the same track. I was nervous because I was the first to present. Didn't really screw up much but I thought I could've done a better job had I been more composed. The muscle aches were not helping too...

We all got our respective feedback and stuff. Next was the BODYATTACK® Challenge. Dunno how to describe it but it was a crazy thing I hope not to go through again. Then again, if I want to be superfit, I should do this on a regulas basis.(Now, just to find the time between my day job and gym job...) Anyhow, it was after that during lunch that I discovered blisters on both knees due to doing repeated push ups on my knees(lesson learnt: thou shalt always do push ups on your toes).

Afternoon was more of Kirsty's lecture before we had some time to get ready for our final torture presentation.

Some were practising, some were just watching...

The final preparation for the final perspiration

The final presentation and assessment came and went. The good news is nobody failed the training. The "not-so-good" news is this is just the beginning of a new journey for all the instructors who took the training.

For FF gym members, watch out for BODYATTACK®, coming your way in November!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Tomorrow's torture training is on!

Yup,... in less than 24 hours' time, I will be going for the BODYATTACK® training. How am I feeling now? A bit excited and a bit "sian"...

Excited because it's finally here, "sian" because aiyor, another tiring training to attend. Then again, this time the training will be a bit different as most, if not all, of the trainees will be fellow instructors I see on a regular basis- previous trainings were mostly people I have never met before(some of them, who have since became instuctors too).

Anyhow, tonight I'm taking the night off instead of teaching at Fitness First Menara Summit. Ping and Alexander are covering RPM® for me(it's a halloween theme RPM® tonight) while Jackson is taking my BODYPUMP® class. Speaking of Ping, this girl is something. Don't let her appearance fool you- If you attend her BODYBALANCE® class, she's such an angel there. Even outside the class she is very gentle by nature.... But the moment you put her on a bike, she turns into this crazy mean she-devil who will drive you to your death can really push you hard in the class.

Anyhow, turning the attention back to me. Today's break will allow me to recover since I had a crazy BODYCOMBAT® with the FF Cheras Leisure Mall members yesterday. There wasn't any newcomer in the class so I did a "press play and go" class- I was not stopping for breaks in between tracks but members could take a quick sip on their own and come back. At the end I only stopped after track 5 for 10 secs(I followed the clock) and press the play button again. Most of the members actually stayed on with me all the way. Feedback from members? Challenging but fun to do actually... Probably can't do that too often or newcomers will be scared away.

On another note, I will be going back to Penang during the Raya break. It will be a chance to spend time with mom and some friends there. Also, I will be recording my BODYPUMP® class there for certification. I am already a certified instructor in BODYCOMBAT® and RPM® and it is important that I get the certification in BODYPUMP® because I will be paid more I am committed to improve and maintain the Les Mills group exercise standard.

I was telling my gf yesterday my major concern going to bed tonight is not whether I pass the training. Instead, it's the basic issue I struggle with every morning- whether I will wake up on time or not. The scariest thing to happen is to actually overslept for the training. Not that it has happened to me before in any of the previous trainings but it's a phobia I have since I missed the 2002 Starwalk. I was so pumped up for my first ever competition, I packed everything, planned my breakfast and stuff... and ended up waking up at 6.45am, the registration time. *sigh*

Alright, lunch time now... I will probably not blog for the next 2 days. Even if I do, it will be in the evening since I finish my training at 5.30pm. Well, wish me luck!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

C'mon, declare a national holiday!

I mentioned that I wasn't going to do any more blogging today but this really can't wait.

Old lady: Besok cuti tak? (is there a holiday tomorrow?)

Guy: Tak tahu... (Dunno...)

Old lady: Badawi punya bini mati... (Badawi's wife passed away...)

Guy: Ya-lah, kalau cuti syiok lah! (Yes, if got holiday then syiok-lah!)

I came out of the mini-mart of the petrol station disgusted. Here we have the demise of Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's "No. 1 Supporter" and all some people could think of is getting a long weekend. Well, some states like Selangor and Penang are have a holiday tomorrow anyway because of Nuzul Al-Quran but that is not the point. The point is, some people need to take a good look at themselves.

Pak Lah and Endon

To these people, don't you have any sense of compassion or sadness? What kind of a human are you? A woman who had been battling cancer for 4 years just passed away. Pak Lah just lost his wife of 40 years. Kamaluddin and Nori just lost their mother.

I was ICQ-ing with Danny about this and this is what he said:

"I realise we are really insensitive and selfish beings... everytime got disaster.... GOT HOLIDAY AH? got death... GOT HOLIDAY AH???"

True, we may not have known Datin Seri Endon or Dato' Seri Abdullah personally but that doesn't mean we have to behave like jerks about it. I heard someone even joked that he skipped class the night before to mourn for her, and that I am appalled. To that person, would you joked about that if that person is your friend's mom?

Put yourself in this situation. Imagine your loved one just passed away and everyone is asking you "Are you going to declare a holiday?" Does anyone care at all? Are we Malaysians in short supply of holidays? If we don't care about her demise, why should we care if it's a holiday or not?

This reminds me of 21st Nov 2001. When the previous The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Marhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah passed away, the government declared 21st Nov(or 22nd I'm not too sure) a holiday. I was working at Gurney Plaza in Penang then and I saw my fellow Malaysians taking advantage of my King's demise to do more shopping!! The place was packed and business for the retailers was excellent that day. I suspect probably the shopping complexes in the Klang Valley must have had a wonderful day too.

What is the purpose of declaring a holiday? The government does it out of respect for whoever just passed away and by going shopping and having fun on that day, we are making a mockery out of this.

I really wonder if the term "caring Malaysians" is a fallacy. Then again, they do CARE about getting an additional off day...

Something about tongkat ali and kacip fatimah

For those with questions on the tongkat ali or kacip fatimah I mentioned on Tuesday, please note that I am neither a doctor nor a pharmacist. I am just a user of the product and thus, I am unable to answer some of the questions you posed. However, if you still want to give it a try, I can get them for you. I have spoken to my brother and the retail price in the market is actually RM110(30 capsules) but he had sold it to me at cost(take look at the picture. I don't think he is able to sell it cheaper to other people because he could be in trouble(with the distributor) if he does that.

note the price printed on the side of the box is Rm110

Anyhow, I will be getting a packet of tongkat ali and kacip fatimah each for 2 people when I go back to Penang during the Raya. Anyone else who wants it, please email me at, okay?

I was halfway typing this when I heard of Datin Seri Endon Mahmood's demise. My condolence to the Prime Minister and her family. No more blogging for today after this sad news...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Something on BODYATTACK®...

To answer a certain fatboy,"No, you don't really need to put '®' after each mention of BODYCOMBAT®, BODYPUMP®..." At least that's what I think. You definitely don't have to use the programme colour as well- I'm just having fun with colours... Besides, it makes me look more professional.

Okay, now back to the subject of BODYATTACK®.

I was visiting Les Mills International's web site and found this article.

By conducting a scientific study, the experts find that BODYATTACK® is by far the most active of Les Mills programmes. Do take a visit to read the entire article, ya?

Anyhow, after 3 days on Eurycoma Longifolia, I'm pleased to report that I am feeling great in my classes. Yesterday during BODYCOMBAT®, I tried to do as many songs as possible without taking a break. I only stopped after track 3 and track 5 because I wanted to demo the jump kick and back kick. Other than that, it was quite a "press play and go" session. After that, I changed attire and went for RPM® and it was another explosive session. So far so good as I prepare for next week's training...

This Friday 21 Oct is a Selangor state holiday, so I will be resting at home(or may go for foot reflexology session near home in Bandar Menjalara). However, I still have a BODYPUMP® class in the evening at Fitness First Menara John Hancock but two holiday classes scheduled for Fitness First The Curve have been cancelled... it's a normal working day for the gym. Anyhow I'm not complaining. I had earlier asked Riyo for classes in mid-September(yes, I'm THAT kiasu) without the knowledge of the BODYATTACK® training.

2 more weeks and Ramadhan is over... can't wait to balik kampung!! The traffic on the federal highway has been horrendous since the beginning of the fasting month- the jam starts early and last Monday I was almost late for my BODYPUMP® class at Fitness First Menara Summit- going to Summit has always been a challenge for me because normally if I leave office on time, I will normally arrive 15 mins before class(last Monday I reached the gym with only 5 minutes to spare). I feel the least stress with FF Menara Axis(Tuesday) because it's only 10 mins' jog from my office- should anything happen, I will still be able to make it. The other places I teach on weekdays are FF Damansara Uptown(Wed), FF Wisma Consplant opposite Subang Parade(Thu) and FF Menara John Hancock and the traffic are more manageable even during this month. The problem with going to Menara Summit is you have to go through both the federal highway jam AND the Persiaran Kewajipan jam.

Aiyoh, it's raining somemore now... but should be ok to reach Damansara Uptown for class at 6.30pm.

Daniel's mimpi...

Last Sunday, I had the unfortunate opportunity to catch Daniel's Mimpi on one of the radio stations... nice studio work, Sony BMG!! He sounded much better with whatever voice-editing technology you used in the studio and I'm sure hundreds of hours of singing the same song in the studio again and again probably helped too!

Apparently his single is out today.... wow, such great news for his fans right before Deepa Raya! I'm sure nobody will be surprised if he can manage to sell 1.2 million copies- after all, 1.2 million votes can't be wrong.

Best wishes to Daniel and the local music industry!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Need stamina? Try this...

Today's entry may sound like I'm advertising but it's not. I don't get a sen from this and I have to fork out my money to buy this product- I'm recommending it because I find it good.

OK, for the next 1 week, I'm gonna work harder in preparation for the up coming BODYATTACK®, training. Nevertheless, I realise that that probably won't be enough to get me physically fit and strong enough. So, I've to resort to traditional assistance in the form of Eurycoma Longifolia.

Eurycoma Longifolia is known as Cay Ba Binh in Vietnam, Pasak Bumi in Indonesia... and in Malaysia, Ali's walking stick. Now before you laugh it off, this is a serious blog. I am not making anything up whatsoever... so, yeah, I'm taking Tongkat Ali.

For far too long Tongkat Ali is thought as just an aphrodisiac BUT its indications is far beyond that. Its benefits actually include:

* Combat fatigue, increases, energy and stamina
* Anti-aging effect
* Improves blood circulation
* Improves skin diseases
* Prevents hypertension, diabeties and ulcers
* Reduces fever
* Heals wounds quickly

So which one am I taking? It's Orgacare UNIK PLUS I.

This is a new packaging

Looks like a cigeratte packing eh? well, there's nothing unhealthy about it. In fact, this is one potent Tongkat Ali product. There are 30 capsules in a box and the recommended intake is 1-2 capsules, 2 times a day. So far the most I've taken is 2 capsules once daily. Actually it has been quite a while since I last took this as this is no cheap stuff like the ones you find at Watsons, Guardian, or any pharmacies.

Why did I take it in the first place?

It was my eldest bro(not OCD bro- the other one) who first informed me about this product early this year. He was selling this, which he said, was highly potent for health-related problems(besides the obvious reason some men are taking it for). Apparently this product had been getting more than "thumbs up" from the guys who bought it.

The feedback from men with health(incl. sexual) issues had been encouraging but he wondered the effect on a fit person. So he asked if I wanted to give it a go. At that moment, I was still having pain on my left shoulder which had been bothering me for almost 18 months. So I'd figured that I could try it and see if it can help me be even stronger in my classes AND help me with my shoulder.

30 capsule in a box

So I bought a box from him in March. He advised that I should take it 30-40 minutes before breakfast for it to be more effective. I followed his advice and for the first few days, I felt more pain on my left side of my back or trapezius area. My bro had warned me that initially any part of the body that had circulation problem would experience pain. So, I had to endure a few days of discomfort early in the morning before the pain subsided in the afternoon.

However, after a few days, I realised that my left shoudler didn't hurt anymore! I could go ahead with my push-ups without pain-I had been feeling pain most of the time when I did push-up in my BODYCOMBAT® classes. I was even on Celebrex® when I was attending the BODYCOMBAT® training back in March 2004. I had tried acupuncture, traditional massage with the sifu, consult an orthopaedic surgeon and a chiropractitioner but none of them worked.... but by taking the capsules, all the pain was gone!

Anyhow, I subsequently noticed that I had more stamina at the gym, especially when a couple of times I was doing back-to-back RPM® classes.My performance was better then before and I didn't feel sleepy in the afternoon after lunch too.

Of course since my shoulder problem was taken care of, I stopped using it because it's pretty pricey compared to the ones in the market(about 3 times the price). But as I think of the BODYATTACK® training, I just know that I need help. So, I bought another pack from my bro and I started taking the capsules this Monday. I will take one capsule daily till Sunday, and a day before the training I will increase the dosage to 2 capsules in the morning.

Anyhow guys, if you're reading this and you have health issues(not necessary of the bedroom-kind) that I have mentioned, maybe you wanna give it a try. This product is marketed by Mineway and the product research is a joint-effort between a couple of Australian scientists and the analytical lab of Universiti Putra Malaysia- apparently they are using a different method to extract its essence. Taking from the company website on why their product is different from others in the market,

"Unfortunately the contents in the Eurycoma longifolia such as SOD (superoxide dismutase), an anti-oxidant enzyme, organic acid lactone, minerals and amino acids are destroyed during the conventional chemical and mechanical processing and improper storage of the product"

The price is RM110 per box of 30 capsules. If you wanna buy, you can find a list of stockists on the website. Alternatively, you can email me at and I can give you my bro's contact number. For the ladies, the company also has Orgacare Kacip Fatimah which I have not tried before(and don't expect me to try it!).

Friday, October 14, 2005

Fitness First under ATTACKed...

BODYATTACK®, that is!!!

If you're a gym-goer in Klang Valley, probably you would've heard of BodyAttack® . The good news is after years of talking about it, Fitness First has decided to bring in BodyAttack to compliment the other Les Mills classes.


"BODYATTACK® is a cardiovascular interval training program that combines high intensity aerobics, strength and stabilisation exercises."
-Les Mills International

"BODYATTACK® is hard driving music combined with a cardio blast of jumping, kicking and running. No surprises, just simple athletic moves that encourage you to work hard and challenge you to a greater level of fitness. BODYATTACK® can be as intense as you want it to be. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it....BODYATTACK® is not for the faint of heart "
-Sportivo Fitness®

"BODYATTACK® makes you puff, and sweat as it causes your heart rate to soar.... BODYATTACK® is for people who like to push themselves and accept a physical challenge. If you have a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure or other health conditions, or if you are under medication or have an injury then you should discuss the suitability of BODYATTACK® with a doctor or qualified personal trainer."
-Les Mills New Zealand

In other words, BODYATTACK® is the mother of all workouts. With a tagline like "Everything else is just a warmup", this is the one that REALLY push you beyond your limits. What you do in this workout is you use your whole being and move to the beat of the music. There are times you need to jump, run, squat, and even do push-ups and crunch. For the fitness fanatics, this is one that has been missing in your lives.

Gee... sounds scary. Why should I do BODYATTACK® ?

• BODYATTACK® is great for anyone who wants to add cross training and variety to their workouts.

• BODYATTACK® is great for anyone looking for a simple, athletic and highly effective fitness class.

• BODYATTACK® is great for anyone who wants to experience a rocket-fueled concoction of music and moves! Time flies by when you’re having fun!

• It is a fast and effective way to increase fitness levels.

The first instructor training was held a month ago at another gym but the next one will be held at Fitness First Wisma SPK on 25th and 26th Oct, and I'm on it! This will definitely be my last Les Mills instructor training(sorry Tracy and Jacq, I will leave BODYJAM® to both of you- my gf said I danced as if I was fighting during the Nike Tribe Challenge final) and focus on the four programmes I have. Goodness, I'm already excited just thinking of it!

For those who aspire to become an instructor, perhaps this would be a good time for me to share a bit on what is expected of a trainee.

First and foremost, you must be FIT! Going into a training without being physically fit is the last thing anyone should do, because during the training you will have to go through hours of challenging workout- we're not talking about just do one class and then you sit down and listen to the lectures. Yes, there are times you get to sit down and listen to the trainer, but more often you are required to be hands-on as you practice your techniques and the choreography.

Second thing, of course is you must be FAMILAR WITH THE PROGRAMME you're going for. Therefore, it is good that you attend as many classes as possible of the programme you want to be trained in. It will help your body to get use to the workout and also work on your technique before the training- don't ever be shy about asking an instructor for assistance when in doubt.

Why did I mention the preparation for a training? Well, here lies my 2 problems.

1) I don't know if I'm fit enough for the BODYATTACK® training.

2) I've never done BODYATTACK® before.

From what I've observed on video, it doesn't look that hard techniquely but it is physically quite demanding, even more than RPM®. I've asked Eric Ting of Fitness First Cheras Leisure Mall how he prepared for it(He went for the first training last month and passed), and he said, "Just go there and do lor..."

Good advice eh?

Some of the moves resemble BODYSTEP®, so I guess Eric has a slight advantage since he is a BODYSTEP® instructor. Looks like I'll need to push myself harder when I teach RPM® and BODYCOMBAT® to get ready physically. As for the technique part, let's just hope my time spent in BODYSTEP® classes 2 years ago helps.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Final thoughts on Bangkok...

Update: Check out this blog- kinda sad things like this can happen still.

In the tradition of Simon talks, I present The Top 10 Things Observed In Bangkok.

1. Signs are literally translated from Thai to English

2. Bangkok is 7-11 territory

3. They have BBQ bananas(take a guess where this stall is situated)

4. Thai coconuts are cheaper and taste better than our locals
(Sorry no pics... too indulged in drinking/eating them!)

5. KFC has changed it's corporate colour...?

6. Thai kickboxing is much cooler and more exciting than western boxing

7. Chervolet Optra is the preferred choice as police cars

(sorry, crappy digicam!)

8. Thai people use santan in almost everything
(honestly we got a bit sick and bored with santan-rich food by the last day)

9. The Thai government should think about cleaning up Maenam Chao Phraya

10. Tourists who do not know how to relax during holidays