Thursday, October 27, 2005

What happened after the training was over

On the first day of the BODYATTACK® we were asked the question, "What is you goal for this training?"

My answer: To walk out of the gym on my two feet.

Yeah, I managed to achieve my goal... barely. I had calf muscle pain on day 1 and day 2 I got additional pain from my knees and ankles. After a hearty dinner at my favourite mamak restaurant at Seksyen 14, I went back to my home for this.

Foot massage to the rescue!

The shop is Perubatan Rawatan Tradisional Khang Lik and it's just outside my place in Bandar Menjalara. I first went to try their 40 min foot massage on last Friday which was quite good. This time, however, I wasn't going to settle for 40 min and I asked for the 1 hour treatment.

Soaking my feet

This shop is different from the others I've tried when it comes to soaking my feet. This shop uses chinese herbs in their hot water which gives the feet a nice chinese medicine smell(not that I sniff my feet, but the smell strong even after the massage). The others I've been to normally use plain hot water only. Anyhow, soaking in hot water for about 10 minutes really felt good after 2 days of abuse training.

Suddenly I feel like Kenny Sia(minus the hairy legs) with this photo blog...

Oooh... that feels good! Harder please...

I was kinda pleased to get the same guy who massages me last Friday. Personally I like guys prefer to get my massage from a guy because am a masochist. No offence to the ladies, but I like to get stronger massage. Take a look at the guy's arm, small but darn powerful to give pleasure! I almost fell asleep... Even though at times it was painful but it was a pleasurable pain, if you get what I mean.

The 1 hour massage was definitely better than the 40 min one. On top of that, the 1 hour one costs RM10 more only. The guy massage the feet, ankles, calves, knees, basically everything that hurts. Wonderful....

I paid RM40 for the one hour treatment, the 40 min massage is RM30. Besides that, they also provide 1-hour traditional thai massage for RM55. The ladies there speak thai with the guy. so I think the massage coming from real thai peeps should be good, though I have not tried it yet. Will probably try it next time and let you know. Currently, they are offering 10+1, 1 free session for every 10 session completed(probably others are doing it too).

Anyhow, if you stay nearby and you're keen on foot massage, the place is:

Perubatan Rawatan Tradisional Khang Lik,
27, Jln 3/62D, Medan Putra Business Centre,
Bandar Sri Menjalara, Off Jln Damansara,
52200 KL

Business hours: 11am-11pm