Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Last day of holiday...

My apologies for not completing my entry on my Bangkok trip- sort of got carried away with my pants and the Nike Tribes Challenge over the last 2 days.

The last day of Bangkok was pretty much free and easy- We didn't have anywhere else to go but to do some last minute shopping. We checked out from the hostel and went to Central World Plaza to get a pair of jogging shoes for gf's dad at 990 baht(her dad later checked the price here in KL was RM199 so it was a steal!). Then, we headed back to Mah Boon Krong Centre to get my pants for BodyCombat. Gf ended up getting a pair of pants herself(similiar material and design minus the extra bigger right side) and also a pink bag she had been searching for.

Since we were carrying our luggage with us, we just stay around MBK and had our meals there. Our departure time was 8.30pm and we wanted to save some money, so we decided to take the bus to the airport. Somehow we got assistance from the information counter to go so Siam Centre, which was opposite MBK Centre. However,when we asked the information counter there we were told we should take bus No.29 from MBK centre since the bus to the airport only stopped at Siam Centre on an hourly basis. So imagining us moving around from one shopping centre to another with our bags... we got a bit tired and decided maybe we should just take the cab from MBK Centre. At the end, we rested at KFC and had our late lunch while we wait for the right time to take the taxi.

Interesting enough, after our meal, I caught a glimpse of bus No.29 passing MBK Centre(The KFC outlet was situated at the entrance of the centre)we made a last minute decision to take the bus after all. Besides, it was definitely a whole lot cheaper than taking the taxi, some more the roads in Bangkok is perpetually jammed and we had no idea how much the taxi would cost us.

The journey took us about 30-40 minutes and there was a friendly guy who sat beside me and told me when to get off the bus(one thing I noticed in Bangkok is you meet a lot of friendly and helpful Thais). The journey is not that pleasant since it's long and the bus condition resembled the public buses in Penang. But at least it got the job done and we reached the airport at about 6pm.

Since we were early, we walked around till the counter opened for us to check in. Once we got our tickets, we were surprised that there was a notice reminding us to pay "the Airport service charge" of 500 baht per person. We thought it was odd that we had to pay extra on our own since we normally pay the airport tax when we buy the tickets. Anyhow, apparently this is not how it is done in Bangkok, and fortunately we didn't finish our baht at MBK Centre.

We still had plenty of time left before the gate opened and we went to Burger King for early dinner. As a holiday destination, Bangkok is not a muslim-friendly place- everywhere is non-halal food. Even KFC has no halal certification, and only a couple of food courts has muslim food. Anyway, food at Burger King still tastes better than McDonald's(at least that's my view).

Anyhow, while we were eating, I noticed something very familiar. 2 young caucasians ordered their food at the counter and walked toward us. They looked like there were wearing some sort of school uniform,, each carrying a bag and wearing a name tag on the pockets of their shirts... YES, the Morons Mormons are in Bangkok too!!

the one on the right looked kinda leng chai....

Anyhow, if you don't know who or what Mormons are, they are also known as Church of Jesus Christ of the latter-day Saints. As far as their are concerned, all "mainstream" chistianity teachings are wrong and their are the only true church. They have some weird beliefs and practices, like Jesus was marrried to the 2 Marys(there are 2 other Marys in the Bible besides His mother) and Martha and had children. In fact, the highest authority in Mormonism is not the Bible, but the Book of Mormon, supposedly given to the church founder Joseph Smith by the angel Moroni(why would an angel give himself a name that sounds like "moron"?). For more info on them, click here.

Back to the Bangkok trip. So we had our dinner and eventually it was time to fly off...

Thank you Bangkok...

The flight was delayed for about 30 mins and we arrived late at 12am in KLIA. It was fortunate that we could still get our was to Putrajaya via KL Transit and took our taxi back to gf's home.

All in all, it was my first trip out of Malaysia since 2001 and it was a nice break from work. We'll be looking at doing a0nnual holiday tripx together from now on. The planned trip for 2006 at the moment is Shanghai. Why Shanghai, you may ask... well, my sister works there so we can get free accomodation and(maybe)food. Another plus point is, of course, I get got work out at Fitness First Plaza 66 Shanghai!(I'm beyond help, I know...)