Friday, October 07, 2005

Rewind: Day 2 in Bangkok

OK, I've got the pictures from gf for the 2nd day of our holidays...

We decided to go sightseeing on our 2nd day. The funny thing was neither of were really that keen to go sightseeing, but we had to take some pictures to satisfy friends who would expect us to come back with some sightseeing pictures.

Again, it was back to the Thong Lo station and the Skytrain took us to the National Stadium station- it was the nearest station to Jim Thompson's museum and the Grand Palace. After realising none of us was keen to visit the silk museum, we went to the Grand Palace, with the wonderful assistance of the ticket counter lady at the station. I had wanted to ask roughly how much it would cost to take a taxi to the Grand Palace but she gave a piece of paper with instruction on how to get there instead. We could either take the bus or use the taxi. The instruction also told us how much to pay for the taxi. We were impressed!

Anyhow, we had wanted to take the taxi but the tut-tut guy offered to get us a tut-tut for 10 baht each. However, we would need to go to a jewellery shop to look-see look-see. The guy said that if we looked around for 10 mins, the jewellery shop would give the driver petrol coupon. So being cheapskate helpful Malaysians, we agreed and went for a tour of the jewellery shop.

The moment I went in, I started the counter on my watch. We looked and pretend to be interested(at least I was, coz I think gf was more into it). We also went upstairs to look at the tailor shop but everything was so expensive we didn't find anything we liked. So we got back to the tut-tut and went to the Grand Palace.

There's some renovation happening currently

When we reached the Grand Palace, we were told that I could not go in because I was wearig a singlet and shorts. Fortunately, the Thai tourism authority knows better: they provide FREE rental of shirts and pants for tourists- you just have to put down a cash deposit or your IC. So happily we went in to start taking pictures for our friends.

Right outside the palace

I think this is where the emerald buddha is placed

Me outside a temple

The paintings on the wall tells a story...

Basically there are a few rules to follow when you are at the Grand Palace.

Anyhow, we walked around looking at the temples the Grand Palace. After about 1 hour later, we took a break at one of rest house and had our first thai coconuts.... WOW!

Done with the temple, we wanted to go to Mah Boon Krong Centre to do some shopping and we got ourlselves another tut-tut. This time the guy said that he would take to see a big buddha at a temple and go to jewellery shop to get petrol coupon- It was a mistake as we later found out.

Anyhow, we did see a huge buddha statue.

Luang Pho To

According to the information given, Luang Pho To is has miraculous power to bless everyone... but please take note what to bring as offering though:
1) A head of the fish of the mackerel kind
2) A boiled egg
3) A lei of flowers

Not to sound offensive to buddhists but why fish of the mackerel kind? I'm curious since monks don't eat meat. I would appreciate if someone can enlighten me on this.

From the temple we went to another shop to look around and by then we were pretty tired. The weather was hot and we had been outside for a long time. The driver said he would take us to the last place to get his petrol coupon. So we complied again and went to a chinese jewellery shop.

The only nice thing was we were given a bottle of water each upon arrival. We did our walking for about 15-20 minutes and walked out. We got on the tut-tut and the driver asked where we were heading. Apparently the guy who made the arrangement for us did not specify to the driver we were heading to Mah Boon Krong centre and his tut-tut is not allowed to go there by law. He said that we had to take a taxi there istead. Feeling cheated, we still had to pay him 20 baht. Oh well, I told my gf at least we get 2 bottles of water from the jewellery shop.

We finally got a taxi and the driver said it would cost about 650 baht using the meter, depending on traffic. My gf had a quick nap in the taxi while I struggled to stay awake- I didn't want to end up in another screw-up place again.

We finally made it to Mah Boon Krong Centre at around 650 baht(boy the taxi driver is good!) and had lunch there at McD. Then we went shopping for a while. It was another 2 hours I think before we had our break. From there we merely walked back to the National Stadium station which was right in front of the shopping centre. If anyone wants to do cheap shopping, let me re-emphasise that all you need are MBK Centre and the Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

From MBK centre we went to Patphong night market(note: yesterday's entry was incorrect as after FF we walked around the city centre before heading back to celebrate my birthday- sorry, age is catching up!) and did a little bit more shopping.

We were ever more tired on our 2nd day because of so much walking around under the sun.