Friday, October 28, 2005

Open your eyes...

I've just signed up with Maxis 3G, thanks to Walls for giving 3G mobile phones to the losers finalists of the Love in Tune contest. We are not in the pictures because at that moment, we were still in Bangkok.

Initially we wanted to sell the phone, but nobody wanted it. Heck, I even used but it wasn't successful. So, we decided to use the phones instead.

Anyhow, yesterday we went to change our SIM card and this is the phone- Motorola V975.

clamshell... I hate clamshells!

In all honesty, neither of us would ever buy a Motorola again after numerous bad experience, some more we are more not into clamshell mobile phones. But free phone, never mind lah...

This is an entry-level 3G phone which has all the necessary features but none too impressive. The camera is quite good for a VGA camera phone and you can record video/audio with it too apparently. So far I've not done much with besides downloading some MP3 ringtones and video conferencing with my gf. Kinda bulky & heavy but then again, it's supposed to be packed with 3G features.

So to my friends, if you're on Maxis 3G as well, please let me know so that we can have cool video conferencing!