Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The things we do for fitness...

I'm back from the BODYATTACK® training!

I couldn't sleep well and I woke up at about 6am but I lazed around the bed till it was about 7am on Tuesday. Then I drove to my office which is quite near Fitness First Menara Axis and got my colleague's hubby to drop me there(just wanna save money on parking). By the time I reach there, most of the trainees were already there. Everyone looked so fresh and excited, which was a total different scenario at the end of Day 1.

One is married with child, one attached, and one available... guess which is which?

There were 21 trainees and our trainer was Kirsty Robbie from Melbourne(I think). We started with the usual registration before we did the master class, which turned out to be the most tiring workout I've ever experience! It's like a train that slowly increases its momentum and moves all the way to the end without stop. At the end of the class, I was wondering to myself what I had got myself into!!

To cut the story short, we were allocated a track each to present the next day and the first day of training was spent between listening to Kirsty's "lecture" and doing physical execution. At the end of the day, there was a fitness test which required us to run to and fro across the room till we drop dead, push ups, sit-up etc. It was a darn tiring Day 1...

I made the mistake of wearing a cross trainer for the trainng. Actually, towards the end of the master class I felt as if my feet weighed 10kg and I was rather lucky not to develope blisters. Other that that, I also had calf muscle pain that connected to the hamstrings, thus the back of my knees were in pain as well. Pain or no pain, I had to endure it and went back for Day 2.

Today's training started with our presentations. We were divided into 3 groups and at any time there would be 3 people presenting the same track. I was nervous because I was the first to present. Didn't really screw up much but I thought I could've done a better job had I been more composed. The muscle aches were not helping too...

We all got our respective feedback and stuff. Next was the BODYATTACK® Challenge. Dunno how to describe it but it was a crazy thing I hope not to go through again. Then again, if I want to be superfit, I should do this on a regulas basis.(Now, just to find the time between my day job and gym job...) Anyhow, it was after that during lunch that I discovered blisters on both knees due to doing repeated push ups on my knees(lesson learnt: thou shalt always do push ups on your toes).

Afternoon was more of Kirsty's lecture before we had some time to get ready for our final torture presentation.

Some were practising, some were just watching...

The final preparation for the final perspiration

The final presentation and assessment came and went. The good news is nobody failed the training. The "not-so-good" news is this is just the beginning of a new journey for all the instructors who took the training.

For FF gym members, watch out for BODYATTACK®, coming your way in November!!!