Thursday, October 13, 2005

Final thoughts on Bangkok...

Update: Check out this blog- kinda sad things like this can happen still.

In the tradition of Simon talks, I present The Top 10 Things Observed In Bangkok.

1. Signs are literally translated from Thai to English

2. Bangkok is 7-11 territory

3. They have BBQ bananas(take a guess where this stall is situated)

4. Thai coconuts are cheaper and taste better than our locals
(Sorry no pics... too indulged in drinking/eating them!)

5. KFC has changed it's corporate colour...?

6. Thai kickboxing is much cooler and more exciting than western boxing

7. Chervolet Optra is the preferred choice as police cars

(sorry, crappy digicam!)

8. Thai people use santan in almost everything
(honestly we got a bit sick and bored with santan-rich food by the last day)

9. The Thai government should think about cleaning up Maenam Chao Phraya

10. Tourists who do not know how to relax during holidays