Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On the first day of Raya, my true love gave to me...

Last week being Hari Raya, I was invited by Hazrin to his open house. So I went with gf lah...

Rendang, ketupat & lemang

with the host Hazrin

Hazrin is quite a friendly person. I only got to know him early this year at our BODYATTACK® tuition. For 2 quarterly BODYATTACK® tuition we had lunch together at Summit so you can understand during the last tuition I sort of missed him - He's moved to Penang.

After makan, gf & I went to Cineleisure to watch "The Prestige". Excellent movie that managed to capture our attention, despite the lack of action which I'm used to. Every scene somehow will keep you hooked on, eager to find out what was going on.

Speaking of being hooked on, we window-shopped The Curve after the movie and decided to eat dinner. We walked around before finally made up our mind to try this restaurant on the first floor abover TGIF called "HOOKED".

Nice ambiance and not too crowded either.

With a name like that, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to tell that its a seafood restaurant. We both ordered F&C and I added a mushroom soup to my order.

Cream of Mushroom

Fish & Chips

Good food and friendly staff makes it a place worth going... oh, they also have set meals with free refils.

Maybe gf should sign this picture and let them
put in the restaurant as an endorsement?

So day 1 was quite full with activities. The second day of Raya turns out to be a bit long and boring because we were basically stuck in Desa Sri Hartamas from morning to evening, doing album recording.

YUP, MUSICAL ALBUM RECORDING.... go to gf's blog for the story.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


It started out just another day- a public holiday, to be exact - where I went to meet her. Little did I know she had other plans in mind.

" Don't cane me!"
Against my will, I was blindfolded and taken on wild ride.

"I hope we don't get caught in the balik kampung jam..."

I could hear my surroundings but all i could see was:

After riding in the car for while, we began to go uphill. My stomach was feeling very uncomfortable and I threatened to throw up if she didn't remove the scarf. Since she didn't want to dirty her car, she relented.

When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to find myself in a small european town.

Later I only realised it's just Colmar Tropicale at Bukit Tinggi Resort.

So this was the present she had planned for my 23rd birthday in September!

proud abductor

Another pair of love birds

The french-themed resort itself was pretty small and quiet, just perfect for a weekend getaway, although some big-shot engineer did brushed it aside as "a poor imitation".

We had the whole day ahead of us so we decided to check out the Japanese Village.

Koi pond

The Japanese Village features beautiful landscapes, makes you feel like you've somehow been transported to another zen-like realm.

Gf took some nice pictures of the scenery. I also got inspired and struck a few poses.

Maybe the first picture didn't look too good...


Guards up


Full lotus

"Thank you for reading Perpiration of a Fitness Instructor"

At night there's nothing much to do till 9pm, where there was this dance performance. Didn't see much coz it was raining.

Nice and relaxing...

Click here to read the kidnapper's point of view.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The mirror has 2 faces

Not referring to the classic Barbra Streisand movie, but just some observation about us instructors. It seems like most instructors who do more than 2 style of programmes will portray different images on stage.

For example, remember "Looks like an angel, ride like a devil"?

Have you attended her BODYBALANCE® and RPM®? Again, I strongly recommend you to give her a try and see how scary she is on a bike different she is in the two programmes.

Actually I started to think about this because I just received a couple of pictures a member took at the most recent launch in IOI. The pictures were of one of the most experience GX instructors in FF - CINDY GAN.

Cindy is trained in at least these 4 programme: BODYCOMBAT®, BODYBALANCE®, BODYPUMP® & BODYJAM®, and recently she has added another programme called BODYPREGNANT to her resume. Cindy is the head teacher for BODYCOMBAT® & BODYBALANCE®, though she only teaches BODYBALANCE® & BODYPUMP® because of her commitment to BODYPREGNANT. I wonder why she doesn't teach BODYJAM®...

My first contact with Cindy was in 2003, when she was visiting FF Island Plaza with a couple of GXCs. The class I attended? BODYCOMBAT® lah. It's unfotunate most of the newly trained BODYCOMBAT® haven't seen her in action before, otherwise they would realise how fantastic she was. Initially she was supposed to start teaching BODYCOMBAT® again in July, but her June family outing to Penang turned out to be quite stimulating something. Well, never fear... There's always next year.

Oh, back to Cindy's pictures. She team taught BODYPUMP® & BODYBALANCE® during the last launch. I had a look at the pictures and my, oh, my... She looks so different.

Sweet Cindy

Aggressive Cindy

If the mirror doesn't really have 2 faces, at least Cindy does.

Cindy can be found teaching in a couple of Fitness First gyms around the Klang Valley, until she pops. Highly recommended for all to join, especially if you want workout information & options for pregnant ladies.

Hey, I blogged 2 days in a roll!!!!

Happy Holidays to all!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

There should be more...

OK, I've been a slacker lately.

Just not much inspiration to blog lah... but I think next week I should have plenty to blog about after the long Raya break. I've been having this funny feeling that something's gonna happen to me this Sat,... Something that was supposed to happen 3 weeks ago but didn't because of herpes zoster. Oh well, we'll see...

Oh, I'm injured again... sort of. Felt a bit awkward in the right pelvic area since last Sat's BODYATTACK® but didn't pay much attention to it till yesterday. It felt worse after the morning BODYATTACK®- felt like it has something to do with the nerves. Couldn't jump in yesterday evening's BODYCOMBAT®.

Tried to get replacement for tonight's BODYATTACK® but all efforts have been futile. So will have to take it easy later(yeah, like that's possible teaching BODYATTACK®).

Friday, October 06, 2006

What I did on my birthday

Last Saturday was my birthday... So what happened?

Fitness First decided throw a party for me...

Not only the GX team made it for the party, a lot of our members came also to celebrate with me. Some were so eager to see me, they came as early as 9am!

Many of them actually cycled all the way from KL just for the party... to think that they sacrificed their weekend to be with me made me wanna cry.

Like any party, there were lots of dancing around.

Why, even Leon Lai turned up and did a special number for me.

Everybody sang me a birthday song...


It was a good party... Too bad no one remembered to bring me a birthday cake. In the end, I had to buy one slice of Chocolate Banana Cake at Secret Recipe ....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

DU has a new look

After years of waiting, Fitness First Damansara Uptown studios had a face lift recently.

Here's how the main studio look like now:

The RPM studio, with the new bikes:

So, are the members enjoying the new bikes?

You bet.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's been a while

Don't even know how long it has been.

Funny thing is I don't really miss this. Had been busy over the last 2-3 weeks because of the studio renovation in my gym.

Last week we had a club open week & prior to that, I was busy planning the schedules & theme classes...

OK, no pictures to show for now.... maybe later I'll get from my FOH(Front of House) manager.

On another note, I'm leaving for Penang tomorrow morning with Riyo, Jeremy & Eric. We'll be there for 2 days, helping out in the Island Plaza launch. Have borrowed gf's digicam for the trip so I should have pictures to show when I return.

Till then...

p.s. don't complain this entry is not funny- at least I blogged...