Friday, October 20, 2006

The mirror has 2 faces

Not referring to the classic Barbra Streisand movie, but just some observation about us instructors. It seems like most instructors who do more than 2 style of programmes will portray different images on stage.

For example, remember "Looks like an angel, ride like a devil"?

Have you attended her BODYBALANCE® and RPM®? Again, I strongly recommend you to give her a try and see how scary she is on a bike different she is in the two programmes.

Actually I started to think about this because I just received a couple of pictures a member took at the most recent launch in IOI. The pictures were of one of the most experience GX instructors in FF - CINDY GAN.

Cindy is trained in at least these 4 programme: BODYCOMBAT®, BODYBALANCE®, BODYPUMP® & BODYJAM®, and recently she has added another programme called BODYPREGNANT to her resume. Cindy is the head teacher for BODYCOMBAT® & BODYBALANCE®, though she only teaches BODYBALANCE® & BODYPUMP® because of her commitment to BODYPREGNANT. I wonder why she doesn't teach BODYJAM®...

My first contact with Cindy was in 2003, when she was visiting FF Island Plaza with a couple of GXCs. The class I attended? BODYCOMBAT® lah. It's unfotunate most of the newly trained BODYCOMBAT® haven't seen her in action before, otherwise they would realise how fantastic she was. Initially she was supposed to start teaching BODYCOMBAT® again in July, but her June family outing to Penang turned out to be quite stimulating something. Well, never fear... There's always next year.

Oh, back to Cindy's pictures. She team taught BODYPUMP® & BODYBALANCE® during the last launch. I had a look at the pictures and my, oh, my... She looks so different.

Sweet Cindy

Aggressive Cindy

If the mirror doesn't really have 2 faces, at least Cindy does.

Cindy can be found teaching in a couple of Fitness First gyms around the Klang Valley, until she pops. Highly recommended for all to join, especially if you want workout information & options for pregnant ladies.

Hey, I blogged 2 days in a roll!!!!

Happy Holidays to all!