Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Angelic devil on the bike

Have you ever seen a girl and you think to yourself, "That's such a sweet pleasant girl! Gosh... I wish I could get her name and number..." That was my first impression of Ping(minus the name and phone number part-lah) when I first met her last year in FF Wisma Consplant. At that time, she was only teaching BODYBALANCE®.

Ping is one of the many instructors who have roots in Penang(like FCI, Tian Jin #1, etc). Currently still studying in a college in Subang Jaya, she only takes a handful of classes. Around middle of last year, I found out that she was going for the RPM® training with Tracy Minnoch-Nuku & Wes Carter. My first reaction was, "So sweet girl how to teach RPM?"

Anyway, she passed the training and one day, she asked if she could teach RPM® with me. Since I always want to take things easy in class, I figured she could teach a few tracks for me while I slack off a wee bit-lah Since I have been there before as a new instructor who's eager to learn and practise on stage, how could I refuse her?

Anyhow, I asked her what her training track was and it was then RPM® 27 track 5 "Shock to the system". So I started the class and then I passed the mic to her to teach "Shock to the system".... and it was certainly a shock to my system, and some of the regulars too got a shock. This sweet young thing suddenly turned from a soft spoken girl to a drill sergeant, yelling and screaming like a woman in labour... no more friendly face but a mean mad lady on a bike.

Since then, she's accumulated a couple of nicknames. Wes calls her "Sarge" while I described her as one who "looks like an angel, but rides like a devil". With that, it reminds me of this old Elvis number. Please try to sing along, though I've changed the words slightly:

You look like an angel (look like an angel)
Walk like an angel (walk like an angel)
Talk like an angel
But I got wise

You're the devil on the bike
Oh yes you are
The devil on the bike

I thought that I was in heaven
But I was sure surprised
Heaven help me, I didn't see
The devil on the bike

(sung to the tune of "Devil in disguise")

Looks can be so deceiving, hor.... She sort of reminds me of another lady who looks so gentle and graceful,...... until she gets on the bike.

Who am I talking about? My boss lor..

Just like the name, Grace is very approachable and gentle when she talks. You can never imagine how much powder power she has untill you see her doing RPM® or BODYPUMP®.

Anyway, Ping mentioned that members who attend her RPM® classes were mostly males. Is that surprising? Imagine a male member, upon seeing Ping, "Wow... leng lui teaching RPM wor... sure won't be hard wan lah... just sit there and look at her can already..." Not realising, he has already fallen into a deadly RPM® trap laid by Ping's demure appearance!

I told Ping yesterday, how both she and Grace would make a good team to do a class, with themes like "angelic speed demons" "angel & devil RPM®", etc. Ping too, is quite eager to teach with Grace. So this is an open suggestion to the GXCs of FF: Maybe can have a special "sweet girls mean riders" RPM® in one of the gyms... No?


She'll be teaching regularly in Axis and Summit, so here's something to plug it:

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