Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Learning BODYATTACK® 52

Now that launch is over, I guess I should be starting to learn the new BODYATTACK® choreography, but I don't have the motivation to really push myself to learn- after all, I don't have any class to teach for the time being. Besides I'm more into learning the old releases since not everyone has them.

During the last quarterly, not only I bought the new releases, I also order 2 old ones - BODYATTACK® 42 and 44- and I simply dig some of the songs there!

Really have to thank LawRah, a fellow instructor from Australia for the recommendations. There are a couple of gems inside and so far I've done 3 tracks from 42- Crocodile Rock, Dreamer, Chihuahua- on 8 March in Axis with Jeremy and leng lui.

My next BODYATTACK® opportunity will be on Tuesday 11 Apr(public holiday) in Wisma SPK at 2.30pm. I'll be mixing songs from BODYATTACK® 42, 44, 50 & maybe 52... Then again, it all depends on whether I can manage to learn the choreography.

This Friday where I will be teaching BODYPUMP® 57 for the first time in Manulife RB. Hopefully no screw ups...

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