Monday, March 20, 2006

End of instructor period

After 3 weeks, it's finally over.

The new Les Mills launch started on Friday 17 March and will end tomorrow 21 March.

Can't really blog everything because there are just too many to blog. So just a bit of what I did.

I started on Friday with the RPM® launch with Eric Chin in Subang Jaya.

(the star on my shoulder was actually a sticker on the mirror)

It was a hot class! Didn't really think RPM® 30 was going be that tough...

Saturday it was like having Les Mills for meals: I launch BODYCOMBAT® 27 in the morning and RPM® 30(both in Cheras Leisure Mall) and again BODYCOMBAT® 27 in the evening at Manulife RB.

With Renee, as street thugs.

Lynn and I on the bike(we launched RPM® again on Sunday at FF Damansara Uptown)

Double F's in Manulife RB.

So far I totally dig BODYCOMBAT® 27, RPM® 30 and BODYPUMP® 57 music. It's not often that I enjoy all the music of the 3 new releases. As for BODYATTACK® 52, it's quite tough and since I've not really listened to all the music, I can't say much.

As soon as the launch is over, all instructors can teach the new releases starting 22 March Wednesday.

Finally, a picture with some Les Mills fans...

Tonight is my last launch in The Curve with Mr. Carter...

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