Thursday, March 30, 2006

My blog looks like this

It's NOT dying of neglect! I am not carelessly allowing my blog to wither from lack of care and tenderness. So happy!

OK, this is sort of a parody of Hui Li's blog(is that how you spell your name?) but anyhow, I' ve been rather consistent in spite of work(workload has increased drastically since Dec 2005). Then again, I'm still bored here in the office... So, definitely no lalang here.

However, with some new responsibilities coming in April, I wonder how long I can prevent this garden from becoming "an old cluttered garden shed". Should that happen, maybe I too will join the league of blog squatters.

So, no guarantee for what the future of this blog will become. Anyhow, I shall divulge what's coming tomorrow. Since 1 April is a Saturday, tomorrow's entry will also serve as a pre-April Fool's parody entry. I've already got in mind what I want to do- hopefully it will work:-/

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