Thursday, November 07, 2013

I Hate Nick Choo

Yes, I hate Nick Choo.

I hate him for the brilliant composer/lyricist/music director he is.

I first met him in 2010, when I attended an audition for "Follow The Light". Though I didn't end up in the production, he had left a deep impression. The songs were beautifully written & very catchy.

Anyhow, that's not the reason for this entry.

I just came back from The Edge, the musical written & composed by Nick. As the story centres around Josh who was about to jump off a building, I went expecting a depressing musical. But I couldn't be more wrong. Nick has written an excellent musical that will keep you on the edge of your seat right up till the end(no pun intended). Though it was around 2hr 30 min, I didn't feel it as it was that captivating. Sure it was emotional but it was mixed with some light hearted moments. Nick, the producers(Dominic Luk & Benjamin Lin) & director (Sabrina Hassan) did a fantastic work with the material & cast. (update: forgot to mention that the set was wonderfully built too)

It was compelling story telling by the cast, each sharing their history with Josh and at the same time paint us the picture of Josh's life and his aspirations. They performed very well together and shone in their own way. If I have to pick my favourite, it would be Tria Aziz who was perfect as Josh's mom. Her singing was crisp & her emotions were so genuine, I can't help but hear and feel every word that came out of her.

It is not to be missed. It is showing now at pentas 2 klpac til Sunday 10 Nov. You will not regret watching this.

And yes, I will continue to hate Nick Choo for a long time.