Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Toilet renovation

After 31 Aug, I'll be bring down the flag on top and replace it with my new banner. But before that, here's a final look at the banner...

goodbye toilet

So what is coming on 1 Sept? Here's a sneak preview:

Not much of a preview eh?

Come back on 1 Sept to see it for yourself!!

Question on Nike Tribal Challenge at Fitness First

In case you've forgotten, being a big shot like me means that I get harassed by my fans all the time I've been making new friends on the net ever since I came over to KL, and some of them are my gym members. Today someone asked me:

Nike question

Well WY, thanks for asking. I appreciate you asking me instead of checking it with the front desk peeps at Fitness First. True, the campaign is targeted at si lai ladies but you have to understand, WY, that the ladies are probably gonna get their husband/boyfriend to buy the new range of clothes us guys want to be part of the action too. Otherwise, we would've felt unappreciated and started buying Adidas or Reebok left out. Because of the main focus is on the ladies, that is why a tribe of max 5 ppl must consist of at least 3 ladies. Also, if you look at the list of instructors, most of the Body Combat instuctors are mails males. There you go, WY... hope that answers your question.

A little update on the tribal challenge!

So far there are 3 Body Combat tribes competing at Fitness First Menara Summit, led by Alex, Kathryn, and yours truly here. So, there is a good chance of making it to the semi-finals. I have not heard much about the other gyms, except that 2 of my peers(we trained together lah!) are clashing at FF The Curve. Terence will be leading his tribe from Subang while Renee will be defending the pride of The Curve with her hardcore female followers. It should be an interesting contest over there. Terence has fantastic techniques with his martial arts background and with a great personality, personally I think it will be hard for any instructor to upstage him except me because I'm so much taller but his tribe members may not be as strong as Renee's... Gosh, I really must see it!

To the FF members reading, you can find out the date of the respective competition at your home gym and go support your friends! The programmes involved are Body Step, Body Jam and Body Combat. If you are not a member, just get a friend to give you a guest pass and come join in the fun! Another alternative is you can still email me at mee_goreng@yahoo.com to get a free pass to participate in the challenge classes or other Les Mills programmes.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Update on the Roti family

Note: one of the si lai is on leave today to get her new IC- apparently she wants to win the Myvi and park the car next to mine in retaliation for blogging about her. Because of that, the department is a bit busy and thus, I have not much time to blog today.

To continue from where I left on Friday, I was at Sunway Pyramid on Saturday and I found Rotiboy's dad.

Rotiboy, I am your father!!

Now, someone please give me a picture of the mother, ok?

Friday, August 26, 2005

Single but unavailable...

Rotiboy at Subang Parade

For those who love Rotiboy, I have bad news for you: He's got a gf!

Bread girl at SS2

Anyhow, I got this email from a colleague which is kinda scary:

Year 1981

1. Prince Charles got married

2. Liverpool crowned Champions of Europe

3. Pope Died.

Year 2005

1. Prince Charles got married (again)

2. Liverpool crowned Champions of Europe (again)

3. Pope Died.

Before you go, "wahlau eh!", I've checked: Pope John Paul II held the post from 1978 till his "retirement". So no Pope died in 1981... HOWEVER, Liverpool did win the European Champions Cup and Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana got married in 1981.

The conclusion: Liverpool won't win next year's competition unless Prince Charles decides to re-marry again.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The problem with the chinese

NOTE: You don't have to agree with what I say today, and I don't have to know that too.

Today I'm feeling a bit political, influenced by the just concluded MCA polls and the brewing war between Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik and Datuk Seri Kerk Choo Ting. So, allow me to state my views on this.

Looking at the current political scenery, I'm reminded by my secondary teacher who said that the chinese is best describe by a well-known chinese proverb, "ren bu wei ji, tian chu di mie". Roughly translated, it means that if a person does not think of himself first, he will be destroyed by the heavens and the earth. Chinese has been fighting amongst themselves since the beginning of time- just look at how many dynasties that once ruled the middle kingdom: Tang, Yuan, Ching, Ming, etc. Every now and then, there will be a couple of numbskull selfish people who insist on making decisions based on personal gains.

Even now, as we look at our backyard, We can see how things haven't changed much. MCA had its problem with the Team A/Team B a couple of years ago and it probably won't be the last. Gerakan, which is predominantly chinese, has started washing its dirty linen in public. DAP also has had its turmoil, which led to the birth of MDP. Within Barisan Nasional, it is an open secret that MCA and Gerakan are not really that close as they would like us to know. Last year's talk about a MCA and Gerakan merger was merely a publicity stunt.

The chinese politicians could learn a thing or two from UMNO. Sure they was Semangat 46 and now Parti Keadilan Rakyat, but UMNO has remained relatively strong and united throughout the years. Looking back at history, one would see how united the malays were. There wasn't much problem here till they started trading with foreigners. Without Ghee Hin/Hai San and the British, the situation in Perak would've probably ended on a different note.

I'm not trying to tear down my own race(heck, if I wasn't chinese, I would've been labeled a racist) but it's just my observation. It is just sad that after all these years, we have not learnt from our own mistakes.

Oi, you remember who you're representing or not?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nike Tribal Challenge

Announcement: I've received my certificate for RPM- now I'm certified internationally to teach Body Combat and RPM. Next stop: Body Pump!

Kicking it loud

Fitness First has joined forces with Nike for the upcoming Nike Tribal Challenge in September. The Les Mills programmes involved are Body Step, Body Jam, and my beloved Body Combat.

Basically, members can form a "tribe" in either one of the programmes and compete against rival tribes, presenting 2 contrasting tracks from the workout. The tribe must consist of an instructor as the tribe leader and at least 3 ladies. Maximum people per tribe is 5.

I wasn't planning to participate in it but (un)fortunately a member left a note at the front desk of the gym I was teaching last Thursday. When I got the note, it was just the name "Ann" and her phone number,couldn't help but feel like a rich sugar mummy enjoyed my class so much that she wanted "extra service" from me. So I called her up but she didn't pick up the phone. Later she smsed me to see if I was the instructor she left the note for. I replied "yes" and her friend who introduced herself as Jean called me. Apparently they were not interested in providing me extra income there were 3 of them(all females) and they needed an instructor to lead their Body Combat tribe and asked if I was taken. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't think I was attractive enough to be a boy toy Since being an instructor means doing what you can to please your members, I agreed to lead them into the battle field. Since my gf is a gym member as well, I asked her to be in the team so that she doesn't feel left out of the things I do(yes, I try to be sensitive to her feelings).

We initially submitted our tribe to compete the preliminary round at Cheras Leisure Mall on 13 Sept, but last night at Menara Axis, Jean infomed me that she's not available for that day and they have decided to compete at Menara Summit on 4 Sept instead. After going through a couole of tracks with Ann, Jean and my gf, we've decided to do a combat track and a muay thay track(if you don't know what I am talking about, just ask an instructor who teaches BC).

With the songs selected, my job now is to make sure the 4 ladies get their act right. From what I've observed so far, Ann, Jean and my gf have good techniques but we still need to work on the side kicks and perhaps sharpens their execution of the uppercut. I have yet to see the last team member Evelyn yet, so hopefully she is ok.

We initially named our tribe "The Munks"(short for chipmunks) but since we're resubmitting our form, we are changing to "Ryu Kanojo"(Ryu="dragon" kanojo="ladies" since they wanted some mengancam name). I had actually proposed some Thai names like tom yam koong, phor kin phor chai, chi wit chi wa but they shot them down.We will start with the preliminary at Menara Summit and if we make it through, we will be representing Fitness First Menara Summit for the semi-final, competing with 2 other gyms 17 Sept. If we make the cut then, we will be heading to Menara Axis on 8 Oct for the finals.

I later found out that the ladies had initially wanted to approach another peer of mine but he had already started his own tribe. So, I am actually the 2nd option. A bit disheartening to know that but not too worry- I will make sure that in the end, they will be glad they got the second option instead. How nice if we were to beat their first choice's team Personally now that I'm participating, I'm eager and determined to make it to the finals. However, to make it all the way, the tribe needs to work as a team to execute the moves, and to perform our very best. I will be looking at polishing up the ladies' skills and techniques- 10 days to turn them into 4 tough ladies who kicka$$!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Anyone wants to visit Fitness First for free?

Someone commented before that I promote Fitness First a lot, so here's another one.

What I have are 5 class passes to attend any of the Les Mills group exercise class(left pic) for free. It is valid till 30/9/2005 and I don't have anyone to give to at the moment.

SO, I'm extending this offer to anyone in the Klang valley who is keen to find out what the heck is cool about these classes. If you like to accept my offer, please email me and we will discuss on how I can send it to you. I don't mind mailing the pass to you but please make sure you actually use it. Alternatively, we could meet at one of the gyms I teach and I can bring you in with the pass. In case you don't know if there's a gym near you, here are the locations(red indicating the places I teach):

The Summit, USJ
Wisma Consplant(opp Subang Parade)
Menara Axis(near Asia Jaya LRT station)
Menara John Hancock, Damansara

Menara SPK(next to Equatorial Hotel KL)
Menara Maxis(next to KLCC)
Cheras Leisure Mall
Damansara Uptown(where McDonald's is)
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

So email me now- it'll be FUN!!

UPDATE: Please email me at mee_goreng@yahoo.com if you are interested. First come first serve basis.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Things the si lai ladies in my dept discuss at work

"Do you save money for your daughter's education?"

"Do you prefer white bread or wholemeal? What about brown rice?"

"Do you know what a female circumcision is?"

"Do you get bad back aches before your menstrual?"

"Today you didn't put powder, izit? You seem a bit tanned..."

"Do you know Lorraine Han? She's quite big in the media world and I saw her at Shang during the weekend..."

"Do you know Angelina Jolie recently just adopted an Ethiopian daughter?"

"Do you know Soon Ai Ling? Apparently she said she doesn't mind being a single parent..."

"Pamela Anderson wants a smaller waist and had a operation to remove some of her ribs..."

"Why is it KFC's Hot & Spicy has more calories than the original?"

"Would you kiss your children on the lips when they are small?"

"Wah, it seems that Angelina and Brad are going out together now..."

Sometimes I feel like a man trapped in a women's world. I need a guy colleague- please help.

Gintell massage chair

Last Saturday afternoon, my gf and I went to Sg Wang Plaza to shop for her sandals- she wanted to get something comfortable for the Bangkok trip. After buying one that is relatively cheap and comfy, we decided to walk about the plaza since it was still quite early(we had a birthday party to attend in Ampang in the evening). After walking around, our legs were getting a bit tired and I was feeling a bit sore on my lower back since I had just taught an RPM class. We were thinking of going for a break at a cafe or fast food joint until we saw this:

Here it comes to save the day!

The moment we saw it, we knew it was the logical thing to do -both of us are pretty good at pretending to be interested in products that we don't intend to buy. We had pulled the same trick at Cheras Leisure Mall with Ogawa last May. But the sales lady was quite persistent with my gf and at the end, I feel kinda bad for not buying. How I wish I could just walk to them and say, "Look, we just want to get a nice massage and we don't intend to buy it... can we still try it?" but it's kinda odd to say that, right?

So, that's why I'm blogging about this... sort of giving them some free promo online. There were a couple of models on display but we only tried one.


the G-Pro massage chair is Gintell's high end offer to the market. According to the sales personnel, the motor is from Japan but the chair is assembled in Taiwan. She also claimed that Southern Hospital in Melaka had bought a few these chairs for their patients(can anyone verify this?). Having tried Ogawa and Osim before myself, I had doubts whether this chair was going to be good. My mom has a basic Gintell massage mat that you can place on a chair and I find it a bit hard and uncomfortable.

However, the moment it started, I was surprised at how nice it actually was. The fabric on the chair felt good and cool. Apparently Gintell has become more serious with making quality massage chairs instead poor substitutes. You get tapping, kneading, rolling modes to work your back and air massage bag for your thighs and calves. The easiest thing to do is just press the "auto" option(though there's one set back which I will digress later) and you get them all for a preset time of 20 mins. I chose that option and reclined the chair... ahhh, it was good! The air bags were great, but if I'm not mistaken, the chair does not have as many air bags in comparison with other brands. Nevertheless, it's not a big problem here as I still got a nice massage for my legs. The upper body massage is so much better than the one my mom has... Good work, Gintell- KEEP IT UP!

It would have been nice if the chair had foot massager option but it's not really that important, I guess. The only issue I have with the massage chair was the control which is probably the biggest in the market. There are also too many buttons to press for custom massage. Even for auto, you get 3 options- stiff neck, accupressure and lower back. I don't know about other people, but I for one wouldn't like to think when I want to relax on a massage chair. So it would've been nicer to get just 1 simple "auto" that does all 3, wouldn't it?

This couple sat next to me- they had triplet teenage boys with them!

After 20 mins though, I wishes I could sit there longer. But alas, all good things must come to an end. So we got up, saying "no" in the most diplomatic way to the sales girl and walked off. My legs and back felt refreshed... the chair did the work and I feel like a car with that "just-serviced" feeling!!!

Overall, I think the Gintell G-Pro is a value for money investment if anyone wants to buy a comfy massage chair yet does not want to burn a hole in his/her pocket. With a price tag of RM6388, it is relatively cheap compared to the big players like Ogawa and Osim. Public Bank credit card holders can get 30-month interest free installments.

Go get it if you've nothing better to spend on!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Chua Jui Meng vs Khairy Jamaluddin

Sorry, but can't resist but promote Dato’ Chua Jui Meng and his website. Do read his manifesto and what he wants to do with MCA if elected to the presidency.

Also in the news section, there is a audio file of the New Economic Policy debate between Chua and the UMNO Youth Deputy Chief Khairy Jamaluddin on TV3's "The Exchange". It's hard to imagine Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting or Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy having such an eloquent exchange with the well spoken Khairy. Thank God for Chua!

Ong turned down Chua's request for a open debate, stating that it would split the party. Funny, I didn't hear MCA members throwing chairs at UMNO members after Chua and Khairy's debate... Chua some more let Ong decide which language to debate in(Chua is ang mo sai* while Ong is chinese ed by the way)!! Like that also takut how to lead a party?

*hokkien for english ed

Nicky found

He's alright!

Just wanna inform that Nicky the cub has been founf inside the Melaka Zoo, so those who are looking to get the RM10k reward can forget about it.

Guess will have to cancel my trip then...

Where's my source? Here.

Fan mail: OCD explained

From time to time, I get letters from my fans telling me how much they worship the ground I blog on and how my blog has changed their lives friends who read my blog and today I would like to take the time to answer a question that was posed by one:

Question from a fan...

OCD stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, an anxiety disorder and is characterized by recurrent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repetitive behaviors (compulsions). For more detailed explanation, please visit the National Institute of Mental Health or the Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation.

According to Psych Central, there have been quite a lot of famous people who have either publicly talked about their OCD, or otherwise been identified with the disorder:

  • Howard Hughes
  • Roseanne Barr
  • Howie Mandel
  • Martin Scorsese
  • Howard Stern
  • Michelangelo
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Harrison Ford
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Billy Bob Thornton
  • Volkert van der Graaf
  • Paul Gascoigne
  • Kathie Lee Gifford
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Donald Trump
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Albert Einstein
  • David Beckham
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Fred Durst
  • Michael Jackson

  • Interesting to note that we had Leonardo DiCaprio playing Howard Hughes, both with OCD. Recent years some of you may have watched the show "Monk" where Tony Shalhoub plays an OCD detective. In 1997's "As Good As It Gets", Jack Nicholson played a OCD writer and ended up with a Oscar for his effort, though some would argue that his portrayal is unrealistic.

    Therefore, you can't really tell if a person has OCD just by appearance. Take a good look at my brother.... Does he look like one?

    "Who said limpeh OCD?"

    His usual routine is something like:

    1) wake up and take a bath
    2) go to work
    3) come back from work
    4) laze around watching tv
    5) vacuum the floor
    6) if got dried clothes, then iron clothes
    7) after ironing, vacuum the floor
    8) if bought something back for dinner, eat at home
    9) after finish eating, clean the table and vacuum the floor
    10) laze around watching TV
    11) vacuum the floor
    12) wash clothes
    13) vacuum the floor
    14) maybe mop the floor
    15) take a bath
    16) watch TV eating snack
    17) vacuum the floor
    18) go to sleep

    notice any odd pattern?

    Thursday, August 18, 2005

    This blogger is a moron

    Just because an ex-colleague smsed me telling me that he couldn't get to my blog:

    1) I smsed Danny to check for me with his computer,
    2) I walked out of the condo to the cyber cafe outside to check it myself.

    * double sigh*

    On another note, let's welcome aboard Chloe Phoon as the latest victim of the blog virus!!

    UPDATE: another victim, this time is baby doc Xe Hui...

    Chua Jui Meng or Ong Ka Ting?

    So the fight for the MCA leadership is on.

    On the left we have the challenger Datuk Chua Jui Meng. Serving 15 years as a vice-president of MCA and a former health minister, he will be facing his toughest obstacle yet in wrestling the MCA presidency from Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

    On the right is the incumbant Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, currently housing & local government minister, a former VP who was conveniently picked as the one to replace Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik as part of the MCA peace plan. Ong formerly served as a deputy minister in the home ministry.

    Who will survive?

    Today on the Sun there is a report on Chua firing some salvos at Ong, comparing Ong's 3-page statement to his 20-page manifesto. It's a good read so go take a look. More interesting is the Star chose not to report the press conference- even the New Straits Times briefly mentioned the press conference.

    The odds are heavily stacked against Chua. Come this weekend, will we see the confirmed end of Chua Jui Meng or the resurrection of his political career?

    Will he make it to the top?

    The Odd Couple(s) at Bangsar Shopping Centre

    Last night I went to The Actors Studio in BSC to watch The Odd Couple(Female Version)- my gf had won 2 free tickets from Maxis last Thursday.

    I was looking forward to the outing, coz it's been a long time we get to go out and do something different instead of the usual "meet-me-at-Fitness-First-for-class" dates and movie outings. Unfortunately, things didn't work out as planned and we had a "disagreement" on the way to the show. So, we both went into the theatre baptised in vinegar.(At this point, I shan't disclose the topic of discussion but suffice to say that it's been dealt with)

    the play is about 2 friends named Olive and Florence. Olive asked Florence to move in with her after Florence's marriage broke up. Lots of funny stuff sprung up because of their different personalities: Olive is messy and doesn't do much cleaning while Flo basically is the female version of my OCD brother. Olive is played by Bernie Chan while Samantha Schubert takes up the character of Flo. Others in the play were Sarah Shahrum, Elaine Daly, Nor Hazlin, Chacko Vadaketh, Sham Sunder Binwani.

    Despite the pugilistic mood I was in, I thought the play was pretty entertaining- I've always loved stage plays with live dialogues(as opposed to pre-taped dialogues that I'm used to in my church Christmas/Easter persentations). Most of the actors/actresses delivered their punch lines effectively, though a couple of the ladies did mess up a bit on their lines.

    Bernie carried the role quite well and Samantha was good too, just that I find her voice a bit pitchy- sometimes I couldn't hear what she was saying. Boy,does she look fat with her butt resembling the rear end of an elephant she really needs to work out a bit methinks. However, the ones who stole the show last night IMHO were the supporting cast like Elaine(playing a dumb blonde-ish character though her hair was dark brown), and especially Chacko and Sham who played the funny twins from India.

    The play is directed by Joe Hasham while Farid Merican acts as the executive producer.

    If only I could laugh more then... Unfortunately, we left the theatre with our sour faces intact:-/

    Wednesday, August 17, 2005

    Perodua conspiracy

    In case you didn't know, I was initially planning to get a green Myvi before the Waja scam exploded right before my face. Now that I've to give up the Myvi, it appears that I have been seeing green Myvis wherever I go.

    First, last week to the Ipoh JPJ to check the crowd renewing the road tax, I parked the car and got out of it. Right in front of me, I see one.

    Just a coincidence, I told myself.

    The next day after getting my Waja back, I had to drive it back to KL by myself. Somewhere along the PLUS highway, I saw a trailer with a couple of Myvis and again I saw one.

    Again, it's anothercoincidence, I said. 10 minutes later I passed another trailer with another delivery of Myvis and another GREEN Myvi was there at the back! I didn't even bother to snap a picture- after all, I'm on the highway going around 100-120km.

    So, by the time I reached KL, I thought that was the last of it... till the next day when I left the condo:

    Now, every morning I have to walk pass this green Myvi day and night.

    Great job, Perodua- just rub it in... :(

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    Kami and Kita

    bobdogz: btw, 'hati' = heart not liver :p

    Me: nope.. heart is jantung... in kamus, hati direct translation is liver

    bobdogz: oh...izzit?!!
    bobdogz: hati = liver ah...
    bobdogz: wah...ur Malay A1 izzit???


    bobdogz: now i pai seh :)
    bobdogz: ya..i remember something like that now...

    Me: btw, u know the diff between kami and kita?

    bobdogz: heart = jantung
    bobdogz: i know i know
    bobdogz: kami = us...
    bobdogz: kita = we...
    bobdogz: rite leh???
    bobdogz: my malay A1 one lar heheheh

    Me: in poetic form, hati is used as heart... jantung bunyi tak cukup sedap

    bobdogz: ya i know about htat tooo

    Me: kami and kita both also we, us, etc... but slight difference usage

    bobdogz: kami..and kita..different usage...??
    bobdogz: whats ur definition??
    bobdogz: i thot kami = me and my gang...not including 3rd party....
    bobdogz: and kita = me and my gang and 3rd party etc etc....(all of us)

    Me: uhuh, kami does incl. the listener while kita includes the listener

    bobdogz: kami does NOT include the listener?
    bobdogz: yup yup.that's rite...

    Me: I hate it when the politicians use "kita akan buat ni, buat tu.." when they should be saying "kami"

    bobdogz: ur explanation better....hahaha

    Me: u sure you got A1?

    bobdogz: wei!!
    bobdogz: i know what I'm saying...just not good in explaining LOL!
    Me: there are fake degrees out there... won't be surprised with fake A1 for Bahasa Melayu in SPM
    bobdogz: where got?!!
    bobdogz: SPM cannot fake one lar :D

    Me: who knows? I may be talking to one here...

    bobdogz: wei!!!!
    bobdogz: i'm damn proud of my a1 one...:p
    bobdogz: soooo hard to get...

    Me: got fake MC, fake watch, fake DVD, the car dealer using a fake letter from bank.... so now we have a new one on the list- fake SPM

    bobdogz: LOL! :)
    bobdogz: yalor..ur stupid car dealer..
    bobdogz: no lar..where got fake MC?
    bobdogz: MC is not fake...just obtain illegally...
    bobdogz: pay with money, but still genuine MC letter ma

    Me: nowadays the standard of SPM has gone down,,,, your A1 is probably just C3 or lower in my time...
    Me: IF it's real

    bobdogz: It is REAL
    bobdogz: hey..i'm not that young too lar...

    Me: got an employee who gave me photostated copy of her MC... found out she tipu...

    bobdogz: found out?
    bobdogz: not normal meh? MC but not sick...
    bobdogz: she bought it??

    Me: told her to pack her bag and go... back then I was managing Why Pay More? at Gurney

    bobdogz: wah!!!
    bobdogz:u soo strict one ah??
    bobdogz: sooooo bad....

    Me: she used old MC and blanco it.. then photostat

    bobdogz: kiam siap lor...
    bobdogz: can buy one ma...
    bobdogz: next time teach her ;)

    Me: actually if I want to get MC very easy..
    Me: no need to buy

    bobdogz: how how?
    bobdogz: ur fren doctor?
    bobdogz: for me, i never buy MC before...
    bobdogz: always genuine one...

    Me: nope.. I need to use panel clinics... still no problem

    bobdogz: but then, sometimes i sick, i oso don't take MC...
    bobdogz: then how u get MC??

    Me: will involve money, but only about RM3-4

    bobdogz: huh??
    bobdogz: RM3-4? parking?

    Me: just go to any supermarket, 7-11 or sundry shop
    Me: buy 1 carton of milk

    bobdogz: then??
    bobdogz: drink it and u fall ill??
    bobdogz: u allergic to milk?

    Me: I lactose intollerent

    bobdogz: oh...
    bobdogz: i guess that oledi

    Me: guarantee within 15 min i will be rushing for toilet

    bobdogz: :)
    bobdogz: good for dieting oso
    bobdogz: hahahha

    Me: I still doubt your A1...

    bobdogz: just tell me...how to get fake A1??

    Me: hati=heart KONONNYA A1...

    bobdogz: wei!!!!
    bobdogz: that's how it's used in song ma

    Me: you break your teacher's liver with that statement

    bobdogz: like what u say...how do i know you use DIRECT translation wo
    bobdogz: :)
    bobdogz: break ur teacher's liver..so 'pai tia' c..c...c

    Me: I'll probably copy and paste this conversation on my blog..

    bobdogz: wei!!
    bobdogz: i malu...

    Me: You'll be famous....

    bobdogz: ok deal :)

    Me: what school u from? what year ur SPM?

    bobdogz: since u got fan already..
    bobdogz: Main Convent, Ipoh...
    bobdogz: 1995 :)

    Me: ok, will put the info in... memalukan sekolah convent

    bobdogz: wei!!!

    Me: now we all know 1995 there was a fake A1 SPM scam...
    Me: lol

    bobdogz: cannot put my school name!

    Me: too late... u gave it already!

    bobdogz: fine fine fine

    bobdogz: c who ppl believe..

    Me: heheheh

    bobdogz: u better say
    bobdogz: i thot its in poetic form k? :0
    bobdogz: :)
    bobdogz: cut and paste nicely..dont' miss out info LOL

    Me: see how lah... may need to edit here and there to make you look even worse

    bobdogz: cheh
    bobdogz: u like :p

    I don't even have to edit the convesation- Serena looks silly enough by herself:)

    Anyhow, here some possible conclusions from this conversation:

    1) Leaked SPM BM papers or fake SPM cert scandals occured in 1995
    2) The Bahasa Melayu standard at Ipoh's Main Convent is questionable
    3) She slept through her Form 5 and made it with fake SPM cert and/or leaked BM papers
    4) She still types a lot more than me
    5) She will kill me for suggesting the above possible conclusions

    I wonder which it is....

    Getting back the car Pt 2

    A new day...
    No haze in Penang(yet!)

    We left Penang at about 8.15am, with my mom and nephew tagging along. Getting out of the island was hard because of the stupid jam on the bridge, but after that it was smooth flowing. We eventually reached the police station at about 10.15am. My mom and brother went for breakfast while Daryl and I went to see the sergeant. Kebetulan he was at his car outside the office and we were told to follow his car to the court.

    It was not very far actually and we promptly followed him around the court looking for the magistrate- apparently the court is having some renovation and the judge's office was shifted to another place.

    After going around the court, he eventually found the judge's office. We proceed to enter and met the judge and I had to sign a document stating that I would not sell nor alter the Waja until the case is closed. Otherwise, I would have to pay the government of Malaysia RM50,000. Daryl acted as my guarantor and also signed the same document. With that, we went back to the police station to collect my car.

    She's back
    Reminds me of this song, "Reunited, and it feels so good..."

    So officially the car is back with me. Like I mentioned before the power windows have been fixed, costing RM830. Also I got a paint job on the bonnet and a dent at side was fixed too. I was actually thinking of calling the conman and thanking him before I saw this:

    thanks a lot...
    No Hitz.fm, Mix Fm, My Fm, ERA for now...

    If only I could write out the words I felt like uttering at the moment.... I don't get it- it's the original player that has no real value in the market! They removed the CD-changer(of course) and later I found out they took the wiper's water dispensing motor and tank too. They replaced my 6-month old battery with an old one(which died at the petrol station later when I was refueling). Oh, they also took my tyres and replaced them with almost botak ones. I had only changed the front tyres 7-8 months ago while the rear tyres had been there since I bought the car in July 03- must be really desperate to take the rear ones too.

    at least they gave me tyres, right?
    need to change 'em soon...

    After getting the petrol pumped(and bought a new calcium maintenance free battery- fortunately last time I didn't buy the maintenance free battery), I took her back to KL with me. I pretty much want to say that we live happily ever after, but the repair work has just begun. I bought 4 2nd-hand tyres for RM120 to replace the bold bald ones. Also, I also spent some money servicing the car.

    I will list out the cost of everything later on and compare it with what I've got back in return(the power window, paint job, etc...).

    So, it's good bye to the green Myvi and hello again stupid Ploton...*sigh*

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    My 2 cats in Penang

    So nice to see my 2 babies again!

    the prince
    The tough guy...

    the bully
    ...and the one who never goes out

    Getting back the car Pt. 1

    Finally I get to sit down and relate the whole story...

    Right after I blogged on Wednesday about going to Ipoh to see the sergeant, I got a call from him. I thought it was nice of him to confirm our meeting on Thursday... until he asked me to bring some money for him. I told him I didn't have money anymore, since I was already spending a lot to travel to Ipoh. Some more I was the victim of a scam and I had to pay the finance company 3 months of installments for the car, plus the insurance, the road tax, etc... Eventually, he asked me to go over and "discuss".

    Besides being a Christian, personally I rather pay the government than to bribe a police officer. So, I shared it with my gf, cell members, and brother about the bribe. Worst case scenario, I would tell him that "tak ada orang nampak, tapi Tuhan nampak" reason for not giving him anything.

    Anyhow, on Thursday morning I woke up at 6am and left for Ipoh.

    Ipoh mali!

    Halfway on the journey, I encoutered a roadblock and I was stopped!

    PDRM working hard to keep the road safe

    An officer approached me and the conversation went something like this:

    polis: Minta lesen...

    (I handed him the license)

    polis: Dah lepas had...

    me: berapa?

    polis: 12km... boleh tulis?

    me: Boleh...

    (He proceeds to jot down my details)

    polis: Kena tanya dulu... kalau nak tolong, boleh-lah..

    (At that moment, I was pretty pissed off with yet another police officer asking for bribe)

    me:(with the poker face) Tak apa...kalau dah salah, kena bayar-lah...

    polis:(looked at my license and returned it to me) Tak apa, nanti kami hantar surat...

    So I took my license back and continued my trip- guess the officer was just trying his luck.

    Anyhow, I reached Ipoh around 8.30am and the traffic was fantastic compared to KL/Pg.

    smooth traffic

    I went to JPJ first to get a number because I wanted to renew the road tax before taking it back. I later realised that not many went there to renew their road tax so no hurry there. So straight I went to the police station.

    Ibu Pejabat Daerah

    On my way see the sergeant, I went to the toilet to ease myself and I noticed something strange.

    Is she wearing an umbrella?

    At the office building, I was told that the sergeant just went back home to change after spending the whole night in Kuala Selangor. An officer there asked me to have my drink and come back later around 11am. So I went down the road to a kopitiam for breakfast and I saw her.

    behind bars

    Even though the number plate had been removed, I could recognise it. The bonnet looked suspiciously repainted. Anyhow, I proceeded to have my meal and later on I fetched my eldest brother who was coming here from Pg.

    At around 11am, we went back to see the sergeant and he was in this time- he was so "IN":

    sleeping on the job

    He was sleeping so soundly that we were reluctant to wake him up. After sitting there for about 2 mins, we finally called him softly and got him up from his slumber. Apparently he didn't get much sleep because of the meeting in Kuala Selangor. He got down to business and did do the paperwork to release the car to me. However because it was past 11am, we were unable to go to the court to get the magistrate to sign the document. Therefore, we had to postpone it to the next day.

    Eric then suggested that I go back to Penang for the night instead of back to KL. So, bye-bye haze and hello sunny Penang I went...

    (To Be Continued)

    Friday, August 12, 2005

    Trip extended

    Those of you who were expecting me to update you about getting the Waja back today... sorry coz I didn't get to collect the car on Thursday. So I did the next best thing... went back to Penang for the night and collected my car today.

    Sorry to the Penang kia for not calling you- I was in a hurry.

    Anyhow, there are quite a few things(with photos) to share about the whole experience and there's no cable for me to upload my pictures here. So, I promise I shall blog it on Monday...

    In the mean time, I'm back in KL already...

    Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    No update again tomorrow

    I'm heading north again tomorrow morning to collect my Waja, but I will need to get the road tax done as well at JPJ. Insya' Allah, everything will be alright- the nice but blur-blur sergeant hopefully has not forgotten our appointment.

    See ya....

    Dry spell

    shades: my gf commented my blog getting stale...

    shades: trying too hard, she said...

    bobdogz: oh...then are u trying to hard?

    bobdogz: i just notice, u imitate the seasoned bloggers style a bit lor..

    bobdogz: but then, what else are there to blog...

    bobdogz: not much variance oso ma...so bo chap lar..

    bobdogz: do whatever u like..

    shades: dunno.... dun think so, just blog whatever I think of lor, like the Mabuchi thing

    bobdogz: i still blog when i felt it..

    bobdogz: sometimes 2-3 blogs in a day ;)

    bobdogz: like that ok ma...

    bobdogz: din notice it gets stale ler...for me...

    bobdogz: got the peaks and downs lor...ppl dont' always keep their humour on 24 hours a day ler... THAT gets stale :)

    After pasting this conversation, it dawned on me- This girl really likes to talk! Just type 1-2 lines, she replies with 4-5 lines :)

    Anyway, I do appreciate her feedback. It's kinda funny how we became friends- through our common interest in Les Mills Programmes, even though we go to rival fitness centres.

    Also, with the dry season continuing, DOE has banned open burning in the Klang Valley- maybe the department forgot to define smoking as open burning too.


    After reading Kerry's blog I decided to do her a favour with the Malay song translation:

    DUA by KRU
    (Two by CREW)

    Dulu kita terpaksa
    (last time we are forced to)
    akur dan mengalah kepada situasi
    (admit and give up to the situation)
    segalanya suratan pedihnya ditelan
    (all the sad fate was swallowed)
    dipisahkan lautan
    (divided by the ocean)
    hilanglah khabar daku mengubah haluan
    (losing news I change direction)
    walaupun daku sedar dan tahu
    (even though I realise and know)
    tiada wanita di dunia setanding mu
    (no other char bor in the world can compare to you)
    tiba-tiba , tak diduga
    (suddenly, not expected)
    dikau berdiri di hadapan mata
    (you stand in front of my eyes)
    mengembalikan nostalgia , memori bersama
    (bring back the nostalgic feeling, the memories together)
    membisu seribu makna , rahsia terbenam didada
    (keep quiet with 1000 meanings, secret buried in the chest)


    tak ku sedar sekali lagi
    (I didn't realise it again)
    ku jatuh hati dengan kewanitaanmu
    (I fell in love with your femininity)
    pada malam yang sempurna
    (on a perfect night)
    terpegun daku terpesona
    (I feel syiok good)
    keanggunan lembut bicara
    (your soft elegance)
    kita berdua bagai rela
    (we two like willling)
    jatuh cinta untuk kali ke-2
    (to fall in love for the 2nd time)

    (your presence)
    di sisiku , disaatku perlukan
    (by my side, the second I need)
    ku perlukan teman yang setia
    (I need a loyal friend partner comforter lover)
    melenyapkan delima yang melanda
    (to vanish the fruit/stone that hit)
    walaupun seketika , kau bawa harapan
    (even though for a moment, you bring hope)
    sememangnya ku sedar dan tahu
    (Actually I realise and know)
    tiada wanita didunia setanding mu
    (no other char bor in the world can compare to you)
    tiba-tiba hati berdebar
    (suddenly the liver gets excited)
    apabila mata bertentang mata
    (when the eyes are opposite the eyes)
    detik romantis kini bersemi
    (romantic moment now goes up)
    cinta dua hati
    (love of 2 livers)
    mengerti tanpa berbicara , perasaan suci kita
    (understand no need to talk, our pure feeling)

    After reading my translation, suddenly the song doesn't seem so nice anymore... :(

    Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    Sounds vulgar to me

    Taken from The Star today:

    IPOH: Mabuchi Motor (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, an electronics company with about 1,000 workers, has decided to cease its business after operating for 16 years.

    A press statement issued by Mabuchi Motor’s media consultant MDK Consultants (M) Sdn Bhd said the company had to close down its manufacturing plant in Kanthan Industrial Estate in Chemor with effect from yesterday.
    Greater market competition, customers moving operations to other markets, decreasing orders and falling prices were cited as among the reasons for the plant to be wound up.

    The statement added that Mabuchi Motor, which manufactured small motors for the electronics industry, would advise its customers and suppliers to source their supply from other Mabuchi Motor plants in Asia.

    The company said compensation packages would be offered to its 1,000-odd staff.
    About 700 of the company’s workers are locals while the remaining 300 are foreigners, mostly Indonesians.

    I've only 1 question:

    Who in the right frame of mind would name his/her company MABUCHI?

    If I were an employee there, I really dunno how to answer when people ask me,

    "Eh, where do you work ah?

    "Errr... Mabuchi..."

    "Huh? Ma Bu WHAT?"

    Perhaps some employees are secretly happy with this piece of news.

    The scariest animal I've ever come across

    I was listening to Rudy and JJ on Hitz.Fm talking about this huge rats caught in Kota Bharu(not so sure of the place) market, and Rudy asked listeners to call in to tell them the scariest animal he/she had ever come across. I was thinking of calling but I was on my way to work. So at the end, I think I shall just share it over here.

    The SCARIEST animal I've ever come across is my first gf's mom, if you can catagorise her as an animal. Now, before you jump to conclusion about me bad-mouthing an ex's mom, hear me out, k?

    Why do I say she's scary? Here are a few things to consider:

    1) According to my eldest brother, she's the fiercest person in the church we were attending back then. The warning was, "Never, EVER, step on her tail..." If she's not an animal, why does she have a tail then?

    2) She's also scary because of one particular trait -she's a cleanliness MONSTER. Back then I used to hound visit my ex at her home on a regular basis, and mostly I would find her :

    • grooming the garden- sometimes I'd help her to move the plants from one corner to another. That's actually quite okay, still...
    • cleaning the house. "So what's scary about cleaning the house?" You may ask. Well, she's perpetually wiping the floor and the tables. I didn't use the word "MOP" because that's exactly what she did - WIPING the floor WITH A PIECE ON CLOTH, ON HER KNEES! She reminded me of Cinderella being ill-treated by the stepsisters, though she looked more like a man-eater, her well-trimmed sharp eyebrows and phoenix eyes backed by make-up, like she could eat you up hardly look like a princess. Man, she's way over my OCD brother in this department.

    3) One last fine example of how scary she is: my ex's dad(yeah, the husband) was rarely home. Most of the time, he would only come back late at night, week or weekend. He talked affectionately to all his 3 daughters(probably not his fault that there's no other jantan in the house- she's so fierce even the sperm count went low!) but not the wife- looked like one who didn't want to be around his wife. Where did he go most of the time? Besides watching his fav animals running(horses lah!), I think he was doing whatever he could to stay out of the house. Maybe he had a mistress or something, that I do not know. Even when he came back at night- here's the ultimate proof who scary it is to be with her- he slept in the living room while she slept in the bedroom! What kind of a woman would make her man sleep in the living room?

    I wonder if the poor fella is still doing that...

    Monday, August 08, 2005

    Something less serious

    Finally, my very first fan mail...

    No blogging on Friday: The reason...

    Okay, before I go any further, meet one particular gullible blogger - ME. To be honest, I don't even know where to begin.

    Last Thursday afternoon, I got a call from my mom's mobile phone. I answered it and to my surprise, it was a policeman on the line. The office gave me the name of this sergeant in Ipoh, Sarjan Jamel, and his mobile number. The first thing that came to my mind was it had to do with my Waja I sold in May, because the car dealer who bought my car told me the car was sold to someone in Ipoh.

    So I called the sergeant up, and was informed that the Waja, together with 2 other Pg-registered cars, had been involved in a scam. I was required to go up to Ipoh to record my statement about it. Still confused over this, I called up my eldest brother in Penang who agreed to meet me in Ipoh on Friday.

    I reached Ipoh at about 10am and met Eric at Kinta City for breakfast before heading to the Ipoh Police HQ. Sjn Jamel was a friendly officer and the recording of the statement was done in a rather cordial manner. After making my statement, we asked him exactly what had happened.


    The so-called car dealer had taken 3 cars with fake bank documents showing the outstanding loan amount of the vehibles, and sold them to a foreman in Ipoh. For my Waja, the bank letter stated that the outstanding loan amount was RM11,ooo, while in actual fact it was more than triple the amount. The poor unsuspecting foreman paid the car dealer RM29,ooo CASH for the Waja. He even spent RM830 to fix the power windows. Now that the foreman had made a police report on this, the police had taken all 3 vehicles into custody. The sergeant had also asked the other 2 car owners to come to Ipoh to record their statements.

    To make the story short and simple, the Waja will be handed back to me, the legal owner, within this week. He would let me know when I can collect it. As far as the police is concerned, I'm clean. The only thing I got out of this is some inconveniene plus the car with the power window fixed. The problem now is actually what to do with the Myvi that's coming soon.... *sigh*

    I'm a real example that bloggers are morons.

    Friday, August 05, 2005


    Too many things are happening over the last 48 hours. Will tell you guys later...



    Thursday, August 04, 2005

    Copycat Fitness First in Penang

    Finally, A few "little birds"(Jeff Ooi is not the ony one getting help from little birds) decided to drop me pictures of the fake imitation Fitness First in Penang. Thanks little birds!

    Apparently they dun like ppl taking pictures inside...

    Fitness Studio opened about a year ago at the Gurney, right behind Gurney Hotel. When it opened, it managed to snatch a couple of personal trainers/fitness instructors from Fitness First at Island Plaza. Of course, as Penangites are famous for being super kiam siap prudent, some members also cancelled their membership at FF since FS was offering about 33% cheaper monthly fee. I still remember that time the FF club manager Juliette asking me if I was defecting. Nah... I was happy at FF and I saw it as an opportunity to teach at FF(I just completed my Body Combat training then). Furthermore, cheap doesn't neccessarily mean good- look at Proton if you don't understand that.

    Through some locker conversations in FF, I was told that FS is owned by a former Miss Malaysia who just happens to be the mistress of a property developer(Something like he opened the gym for her, but please DON'T QUOTE ME- I'm just telling you what I heard!). She used to work out at FF too, but since FS opened I didn't see her anymore, so there could be some truth in the rumour.

    I actually went there to take a look before they opened and the place looked quite spacious to me. The monthly fee of RM100 sounded reasonable, but I was put off by this:

    The fake

    Now compare it to FF:

    The REAL deal

    I have no problem if a fellow Penangite wants to venture into the fitness industry, but PLEASE-LAH, get your own identity! People's name Fitness First, yours Fitness Studio,... The name already sound so alike still wanna copy people's font to mislead the masses.

    Neeeeeways... if anyone in Penang is interested to join a gym that's cheap, and you don't mind having not so good personal trainers or instructors competitively priced, why not give Fitness Studio a try? At least you're joining a fitness centre and get to see some pretty girls, I heard that there's this one hot kindergarden teacher exercise and be healthy.

    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    Blogathon: where you can help

    This Sat 6 Aug is Blogaton 2005 , where a bunch of crazy people will attempt to blog non-stop for 24 hours in order to raise funds for the charity. Here are some of them:

    1) Bloggers Are Morons
    A team of morons, namely Suanie, minishorts, Kenny, Peter and Paul Tan(not related), and Shaolin Tiger. They are raising money for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Penang Branch.

    2)Yvonne Foong
    Yvonne and her friends, John Ling and Tan Yi Liang, are trying to help Eden Handicap Service Centre

    3)Eliar Swiftfire
    Edmund Yeo's charity is Book Aid International.

    You can view other campaigns from all over the world here. If you are interested in donating for any of the campaigns, just follow the instructions below:

    1. Visit http://www.blogathon.org/
    2. On the left menu bar, click on SIGN UP
    3. Under the username/password fields, click on the word “register”
    4. Fill up the form with your desired user name, email address, name, password, and confirm password.
    5. Click SUBMIT
    6. Login with your chosen username and password
    7. Under Active Campaigns, click on the name of the campaign.
    8. Pledge the amount that you wish to donate (minimum is US$1 or around RM3.75).
    9. You’re done!

    C'mon people... RM3.75 is not a lot of ask for, is it?

    UPDATE: For more similar effort, please visit Cyber-red's site.

    Hisham: It's just a symbol

    Apparently Pemuda UMNO chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein told The Sun that him wielding the movement's official keris- Panca Wawasan -was just symbolic, and not to intimidate any quarter. What do you think of this picture?


    Looks quite intimidating to me.

    OK, let's say he really meant it to be a symbol... what symbol then? What message is he conveying? I see a few possibilities from the picture:

    Maybe he's trying to work the crowd by emulating his favourite WWE superstar?

    Perhaps he's trying to keep the delegates awake?

    At the end of the day, maybe he just wanted some attention.

    Whatever it is, no one should ever under-estimate this PM in the making.

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    Stripping between Sunway Pyramid and Summit USJ

    Yesterday evening I was almost late for my 6.30pm Body Pump class at Menara Summit USJ. I'd left my office near Sec 14 PJ at 5.30pm and normally I would reach Summit by 6.10pm. However at the Federal Highway/Jalan 222 junction, I discovered that I had left my MP3 player in the office. I could've just do my classes with the CDs which were in my bag but I wanted to mix the releases. So, I turned back to get my player.

    By 6pm I was still somewhere along Federal Highway. Earlier I had called the Group X coordinator to inform him that I might be late, but I didn't like the idea of being late. Around 6.05 I was already past Sunway Pyramid and on the final stretch of the road to Summit. Unfortunately, for those of you who are familiar with the traffic there, it's jammed with lots of vehicles and we had the police managing the traffic at the junction 1KM away. I was sitting in the blood sucking Civic sweating and getting really kan cheong. So I was thinking of ways to save time... and the idea came: Why not change into my workout clothes in the car since the traffic wasn't moving?

    To cut the story short, I was on the extreme left of the road. On my right was a huge lorry. I looked around and noticed that all the motorcycles were going towards the other side of the road because the gap between the Civic and the lorry was very small. I looked behind one more time to make sure nobody' looking and I started removing my clothes, starting with the shoes and then my pants.

    As I was putting my workout shorts, I saw a bike coming from behind and I thought the motorcyclist was going to go pass the left side of the car... "*X^+$%&!!!he/she might see my undies!" I quickly pulled up my shorts as hard as I could(it was a pair of padded cycling shorts which was rather tight) but still I was not able to pull all the way up. Just when I thought my dignity would be compromised, the motorcylist turned to the right and went on the other lane. *Phew*.......

    Eventually I managed to pull my shorts up and also changed from my shirt to my sports tee before the traffic got moving. At the end, I actually reached the gym 10 minutes before my class started. Should've just changed at the gym!!

    I've learnt my lesson: in future, should I forget my MP3 player again, JUST STICK TO THE CDs!!! No more taking such a risk again for me...

    Anyhow, there won't be any problem for me today. I've got 2 classes again, but it's at Menara Axis... 15 min's jog away from my office:P

    Let's get fat fit

    Jackie Chan in town!

    If you were at Mid Valley Megamall during the weekend, you might have noticed the commotion on the 3rd floor. He was there to open the country's first California Fitness Jackie Chan signature club. Even the Youth and Sport Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said was there for the the opening.

    So California has Jackie Chan... Big deal. We at Fitness First also got our own ambassador what....

    Simon says, "Join FF..."

    I think it's a great way for Cali to promote inself because of the vast appeal of Jackie Chan. It will be interesting to see how Cali intends to eat into the fitness industry currently dominated by FF. A couple of years ago, there were only a few fitness centres like Clark Hatch, Gold's Gym, etc... then suddenly you see fitness centres mushrooming when FF entered Malaysia. At the moment, there are 2 Cali against 9 FF in the Klang Valley. Next year we'll see even more new ones as both Cali and FF have stated their intentions to open more fitness centres in the Klang Valley. Not forgetting, there are other new players around like Celebrity Fitness and True Fitness as well.

    From where I come from in Penang, you can get FF at Island Plaza and an imitation FF called Fitness Studio at the Gurney. The reason I call it an imitation is it uses the EXACT font like FF to spell out it's name(Serena, Mike, Danny, Leslie...please take a picture for me?). However, come October, Celebrity Fitness will be opening their centre at Gurney Plaza. Got that? 3 fitness centres in Tanjung Tokong/Pulau Tikus!!!

    Anyway, speaking of Celebrity, it is quite odd the way they promote their gym. If you look at California, you'd probably see Jackie Chan or something like this:

    For Fitness First, you may get this:

    In both instances, you see real people working out, right? Now check out Celebrity's website:

    sex hormone driven fitness centre...

    If you happen to be driving around One Utama (maybe soon around Penang's Tanjung Tokong), you'd see their billboard posters with unhealthy-looking, anorexic slim, gorgeous ladies staring at you too. That's right, folks... the moment you sign up with Celebrity Fitness, you're gonna get nothing but hot mommas walking around in the gym. Forget the workout- here at Celebrity Fitness, you don't need to work out!! Just go for the chicks!

    Monday, August 01, 2005

    Nothing much

    That's right, folks... nothing much to blog about today.

    Had to print the company's 2004 invoices for the court case with our former bumi agent and man the call centre at the same time the whole morning. Afternoon, I'll need to sort the invoices with their respective delivery orders.

    it's been a frustrating Mega Sale Carnival for me... I went to 3 major shopping centres in the Klang Valley, and 3 times I kept looking at cross trainers that didn't fit me. I probably could've gotten a pair of jogging shoes but I'm using the shoes for studio group exercise classes- cross trainers is a better choice because of the lateral support.

    Alternatively, I'll just hang on for another 2-3 months before I get my sponsored shoes from Nike. So far the last 2 times I only got bottoms, wrist towel watch and socks.... *sigh*

    OK, lunch time is here!