Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ultraman love story

Found this nice video on YouTube. It's about 10 mins long but I it's kinda cute.... best if you understand Japanese :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Year end in Penang

OK, this is basi stuff but still have to blog....

Gf & I balik kampung for Christmas so here are a couple of pictures taken while we were there...

The famous Air Itam laksa

Seriously, I think this stall is over rated. Granted, they do sell good laksa but I think there are plenty of good laksa stalls to be found in Penang. The one at Lorong Selamat(situated opposite the infamous most expensive char koay teow) is quite good as well.

Bak Kua stall

I sort of grew up with roti bak kua in Penang. They used to be found right outside the cinemas and I loved them! But with modernization, the cinamas are now replaced with cineplexes and I was quite thrilled to find this stall in Goh Teow Lor.

How can one go to Penang without going for Cendol? I think I had 4-5 times of cendol during my 10-day stay there....

This is also good laksa at Penang Road...

Guest appearance

BarneyBernard & Shanti decided to drop by Penang also - must be her birthday present.. Took them around for food....

The hightlight of the holidays was the BBQ at Danny's place. Willie was also back for the holidays.

As you can probably tell, most of my time in Penang was spent on eating. Really need to eat to put back the weight I've lost over the past 8-9 months since I came onboard as GXC. Also met up with old budies like Mike, Lesley, Xe Hui, Jenc, etc.

Instead of 15-16 classes a week, I only did 3 classes in Penang.... So you can imagine how my fitness dropped when I return to work on 2 jan. Anyhow, the good thing about teaching in Fitness First Island Plaza is I realise I'm quite famous- After my BODYATTACK class, 2 members came up to me and told me that they read my blog... And they say a prophet gets no honour in his home country, some thing like dat...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

One good deed deserves another?

Last Monday Riyo, Jeremy & I finally went to the Thalassaemia Association Of Malaysian to hand the money collected on 23 Dec 2006. As you recall, the three clubs- Damansara Uptown, Menara Summit, The Curve- ran special classes to raise fund for them and we managed to raise around RM2.5k.

We were supposed to go on Friday 5 Jan but Zanel had some things to attend to so he asked us to come on Monday 8 Jan instead. In a way, it was a good change of dat- otherwise, both Jeremy & Riyo couldn't make it. After all, we all know how busy GXCs are with our respective reponsibilities.

We met at Menara Summit at about 10.30am, since both Jeremy & I have teach there on Mondays. Riyo came and we all went in my car since I was the only one who know where the place was.

After ALMOST getting lost, we reached the place and Zanel was there to accept the donation.

Jeremy, Riyo & Zanel(holding the donation)

Riyo, Zanel, me

We didn't linger long there, though I now wish we did. We wanted to have lunch after that, so I drove my car out of the parking lot. As I was trying to get out, the Unser in front of me decided to get out of his lot too and reversed into my car. I could see him coming and I honked long before he hit me but somehow, he didn't hear it.

Anyhow, it was a nice chap who was reponsible enough to pay me for the damages, but *sigh*....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Man in Red - Peter Chang

Here's a pic I received from Peter in Dubai...

Looks like the rose among the thorns to me!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Christmas Presentation

I've been actively involved in Easter/Church anniversary/Christmas presentations since the age of 15, most of which, were either in acting or dancing. So standing in front of hundreds of people is never a problem for me and perhaps it has helped me in my progress from a front row diva in the studio to an instructor.

Anyhow, as I grew older, my involvement sort of become different as well. Those days I spent most of my time in the fore front performing, but over the last 3 years, I've been involved in the planning of the presentations as well. 2003 marked the first I was asked to be the co-writer & director of a play for Easter. After much preparation, the Easter show was cancelled because the birds around Malaysia contacted flu. At the end, it gave us more time to fine tune the drama and when we presented for our church anniversay in July, it was even better.

Last year 2006 again I was given the opportunity to work behind the scene for the play "The Door" while Benji was in charge of the song presentation. Since we're only doing the thing in our church premise, it was nothing as big as what I used to do in Penang. Still, the challenge was to find the people to be in the drama, I have only been in the church for 2 years and I don't really know a lot of people. Thanks to Iggy & Benji, I managed to get a handful of people to do the simple 10 min mime.

Gf also had a part in the presentation and sang a song. So here are some pictures from the presentation:

The party boys

The wallop

The damsel

Our very own Lilian Too

The meditation

The director& producer

My angel of music

Thanks to all who have helped in the play: Iggy, Benji, Stephanie, Bernard, Oliver, John Rueben, Daniel, Julius, Fergasan, Sunny, Ashleigh, Yoon Foen, Jocelyn- you guys are fantastic!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Toll hike

Since last week's toll increase, I've noticed there have been usual queues at the Penchala toll of LDP, even at 6.50am this morning. My guess is the toll collecters have to change back 40 sen for every RM2 received, and that slows down traffic drastically. So now, not only we have to pay more, we also have to spend more time on the road? Fortunately, I've got Smart Tag.

Sunway Toll of LDP around 1pm

I'm suddenly reminded of a song that came out about 15-17 years ago by a local called "Ai yo yo Samy". It was banned for a while for making fun of our dear Works Minister. Anyhow, in view of the recent toll hike, I think it's a good time for us to revisit that song:

Ai yo yo Samy
Ai yo yo Samy
Sekarang orang banyak susah hati
Tol di sana tol di sini
Di Penang orang suka naik feri

Ai yo yo Samy
Ai yo yo Samy
Tak bole kasi tol kurang lagi
Hari hari bayar tol lagi
Bilakah ni mau berhenti

Jalan baik hati suka
Hari hari pergi ronda
Sampai Jalan Kuching kena jaga jaga
Duit 50 sen kena luar*

Ai yo yo Samy
Ai yo yo Samy
Sekarang orang ada banyak susah hati
Tol di sana tol di sini
Di Penang orang suka naik feri

Ai yo yo Samy
Ai yo yo Samy
Tak bole kasi tol kurang
Hari hari bayar tol lagi
Bilakah ni mau berhenti

*back in the late 80's, they were stil paying the Jln Kuching toll

Anyone remembers this song?

Friday, January 05, 2007

The worst time to meet up with old friends

Was thinking of blogging my 10-day-holiday pics from Penang but received a very shocking news that totally took the mood out.

Got a call this morning telling me that a former colleague of mine from Padini passed away last night after delivering her first baby. Her husband, whom she met in Padini, was also a former Padini employee- In fact, the three of us started work together on 2 Aug 1999, she with Seed and the two of us with PDI.

It's kinda heartbreaking to hear the news coz they just got married in Nov 2004- gf & I were invited to the wedding in Kepong. I can still remember how happy they looked...

I'll be going to their residence tonight and maybe tomorrow as well. If only I don't have to meet up with old friends this way.

On another note, if anyone is thinking of buying a new 3G Nokia, gf wants to sell her phone. Haven't used yet and still in packaging. For more info, please click here.