Sunday, January 14, 2007

One good deed deserves another?

Last Monday Riyo, Jeremy & I finally went to the Thalassaemia Association Of Malaysian to hand the money collected on 23 Dec 2006. As you recall, the three clubs- Damansara Uptown, Menara Summit, The Curve- ran special classes to raise fund for them and we managed to raise around RM2.5k.

We were supposed to go on Friday 5 Jan but Zanel had some things to attend to so he asked us to come on Monday 8 Jan instead. In a way, it was a good change of dat- otherwise, both Jeremy & Riyo couldn't make it. After all, we all know how busy GXCs are with our respective reponsibilities.

We met at Menara Summit at about 10.30am, since both Jeremy & I have teach there on Mondays. Riyo came and we all went in my car since I was the only one who know where the place was.

After ALMOST getting lost, we reached the place and Zanel was there to accept the donation.

Jeremy, Riyo & Zanel(holding the donation)

Riyo, Zanel, me

We didn't linger long there, though I now wish we did. We wanted to have lunch after that, so I drove my car out of the parking lot. As I was trying to get out, the Unser in front of me decided to get out of his lot too and reversed into my car. I could see him coming and I honked long before he hit me but somehow, he didn't hear it.

Anyhow, it was a nice chap who was reponsible enough to pay me for the damages, but *sigh*....