Thursday, January 11, 2007

Christmas Presentation

I've been actively involved in Easter/Church anniversary/Christmas presentations since the age of 15, most of which, were either in acting or dancing. So standing in front of hundreds of people is never a problem for me and perhaps it has helped me in my progress from a front row diva in the studio to an instructor.

Anyhow, as I grew older, my involvement sort of become different as well. Those days I spent most of my time in the fore front performing, but over the last 3 years, I've been involved in the planning of the presentations as well. 2003 marked the first I was asked to be the co-writer & director of a play for Easter. After much preparation, the Easter show was cancelled because the birds around Malaysia contacted flu. At the end, it gave us more time to fine tune the drama and when we presented for our church anniversay in July, it was even better.

Last year 2006 again I was given the opportunity to work behind the scene for the play "The Door" while Benji was in charge of the song presentation. Since we're only doing the thing in our church premise, it was nothing as big as what I used to do in Penang. Still, the challenge was to find the people to be in the drama, I have only been in the church for 2 years and I don't really know a lot of people. Thanks to Iggy & Benji, I managed to get a handful of people to do the simple 10 min mime.

Gf also had a part in the presentation and sang a song. So here are some pictures from the presentation:

The party boys

The wallop

The damsel

Our very own Lilian Too

The meditation

The director& producer

My angel of music

Thanks to all who have helped in the play: Iggy, Benji, Stephanie, Bernard, Oliver, John Rueben, Daniel, Julius, Fergasan, Sunny, Ashleigh, Yoon Foen, Jocelyn- you guys are fantastic!