Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weather forecast... a flu is coming

Not feeling well on Tuesday morning - must have strained myself in Axis the night before teaching RPM without the mic. I had felt a bit odd after the class, but couldn't get someone to be on standby to cover my morning class.

Nevertheless, the show must go on. Went to IOI to teach my 9.35am RPM before going home to rest. Fortunately I went - 24 ladies attended the class. Had a box of tissue paper on top of the sound system. So there I was, riding the bike while showing the ladies how I wrap my wan-tans.

Went home after that and managed to get a sick leave from the doctor. After seeing this doctor a couple of times, I finally realised that he looks like a slim-down version of Pietro.

Woke up on Wednesday feeling much better but decided to rest again to prepare for the night's RPM Challenge. Probably couldn've gotten Brian to do a regular RPM class but didn't want to disappoint the members since it's the one and only RPM Challenge in IOI Mall.

Felt even better after lunch and I slept for a while to really give the body sufficient rest to push later. Went to IOI Mall around 5pm and did some chest & biceps workout since I didn't do any weight training the day before.

Overall a good class but not as difficult as the week before- body didn't feel that strong yet. Kinda feel sorry for the 4 newcomers. Of all the classes they could've gone to, they've decided to try RPM Challenge - hope this experience won't scare them away from trying the regular class.

On another note, my gym member lend me this book to read:

This book is by an organization called Exodus International, the largest Christian referral and information network dealing with homosexual issues in the world.

Basically it is about exactly what the sub-title says,.... stories of 14 former homosexuals. It's about how/when they found out that they were homosexuals, their convictions and struggles.
It's interesting to see how different ways they discovered single sex attractions in their lives.

fascinating indeed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last night's debate

Didn't see the debate live but managed to get the video from Youtube. Also looked at some comments in other blogs and generally I agree with their reviews, that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim did a better job presenting his views on the petrol subsidies while Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek is still repeating the same reasons that has been reported by the media.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim also seem more interested in the debate than the Information Minister who went on a couple of personal attacks while failing to answer the question from the panel about public transporation. Instead of talking about the petrol price and subsidies, Datuk Ahmad Shabery presented his "HARI INI DALAM SEJARAH" about Anwar's role as a student leader back in the 1970s.

Even when he managed to talk about the petrol subsidies, he made a couple of errors:

1) By comparing Malaysia with Norway and Finland, how the countries do well economically despite not giving subsidies. It was shot down by Anwar - Norway has a per capita income 10-folds that of Malaysians and this was not a basis for comparison.

2) Mentioning that countries like Venezuela which has cheap petrol with high inflation. Later on, he mentioned that we should not compare with them. (Wonder why he has a sudden interest in Venezuela... perhaps he watched the Miss Universe Pageant in the morning.)

I find that the government has sent the wrong person to debate with Anwar. I think they could have gotten someone who's more prepared to take on the PKR advisor and make it a real debate. This looks more like the government taking the opportunities to discredit Anwar as a person and not his arguements.

If you missed the debate, you can search for it on Youtube. Just type "Fuel Price Debate". Otherwise, you can also read the minuteby-minute summary here.

If you have watched the debate, then try look up today's New Straits Times on the debate.

The NST report seems to be telling a different story of how the debate went. If I had not watched the debate on Youtube, I would've thought that Anwar was grilled by Shabery. The Star did no better but at least it did not portray Shabery having the upper hand in the debate.

If Pak Lah says that we should not believe what is written on the blogs and internet, then please let the printed media be more neutral in their reportings.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Fighters, welcome to BODYCOMBAT™ 37, where you'll witness the fitness! It's fully loaded with an arsenal of Strikes, Kicks and Blocks and will equip you with the tools you need to defeat the sedentary lifestyle that keeps creeping up on you. An Underworld/Blade Vampire theme has been chosen for this class, which comes out strongly in Tracks 4 and 10. You'll love those powerful menacing moments where you can get in the zone and really let rip. Watch out for the big focus on Brazilian Capoeira in Track 6 – the third combat track. Drills are used that take leg conditioning to a whole new level and you'll find out why after you've done the class a few times. It's a slow burn, with some awesome results when done correctly. And of course we've got some great sounds from Fallout Boy feat. John Mayer, Matchbox 20 and Rogue Trader that'll drive your energy levels sky-high. Enjoy BODYCOMBAT™ 37 and stay with the fight!

Underworld/Blade Vampire Theme? Sounds gothic....

Friday, July 11, 2008

My perfect match

As mentioned before, I have a problem with my BODYCOMBAT launch team. If you look at the latest pic below, it all looks alright.


However, when you get all of us to stand properly together, you get this.

I stood out like a middle finger

I'm head and shoulder taller than all of them! Not that it's bad, just that it doesn't look pleasing to the eye. The most ideal person to launch BC with is probably another regular member of the launch team Swee...

Just to clarify, she is not grabbing my butt with
her right hand... I think

Early June we had this Les Mills Quarterly Workshop and there's this guy who showed up.

everything also panjang

Meet Jun Wei from Singapore.

check out the wingspan

Apart from Swee, I reckon he's just the perfect partner for me.

Check out the pictures:

I feel like Tom Cruise next to Nicole Kidman

I feel so tiny...

So that's how it feels like to look up when you talk to someone....

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Thursday, July 03, 2008