Friday, July 11, 2008

My perfect match

As mentioned before, I have a problem with my BODYCOMBAT launch team. If you look at the latest pic below, it all looks alright.


However, when you get all of us to stand properly together, you get this.

I stood out like a middle finger

I'm head and shoulder taller than all of them! Not that it's bad, just that it doesn't look pleasing to the eye. The most ideal person to launch BC with is probably another regular member of the launch team Swee...

Just to clarify, she is not grabbing my butt with
her right hand... I think

Early June we had this Les Mills Quarterly Workshop and there's this guy who showed up.

everything also panjang

Meet Jun Wei from Singapore.

check out the wingspan

Apart from Swee, I reckon he's just the perfect partner for me.

Check out the pictures:

I feel like Tom Cruise next to Nicole Kidman

I feel so tiny...

So that's how it feels like to look up when you talk to someone....