Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Almost missed church today. Found out from Angeline the day before the service was at 10am and I woke up around 9.45am. Had my breakfast and drove to church... reached there around 10.30am. Yes, Penang is a small island.

Of course, I was one of the last to arrive. There's this portugese guy with his oboe on stage, playing some familiar Christian songs.

church was packed

Preacher for the day was someone from The Baptist Siminary in Batu Feringghi. Then Pastor Isaac took over the mic for the alter call prayer.

Pastor Isaac and his colour coordinated mic

Once service ended, it was catching up time with friends and we headed to Swatow Lane and ate at the New World food court for lunch. The place just opened a couple of months back.

Good crowd

The popular stall was of course the ice - kacang stall - shall blog about it in separate entry.

After food, we took a walk around the place. There are a ciouple of restaurants over there as well.

Western Cuisine

Nonya Cuisine


tea spa with thai food... hmm....

banana leaf cuisine


If anyone wants to visit this place, it's at Burmah Road. Just be on the lookout for the Wesley Methodist Church and Penang Plaza - it's nearby.

Friday, December 28, 2007

She is back

Good to have you back!

Have you been missing this while away?

Welcome back to Malaysia!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas..

Took the afternoon flight on Christmas eve. Thank God for Fire Fly - Air Asia came up with the ridiculous price of RM5 one way back to Penang. Add in all the taxes and surcharge, it costs less than RM50. Also, was fortunate to meet Angeline Cheah and her family from my home church in Penang on the same flight. So I had a companion going home too.

I always enjoy sitting near the wings

It's an AirBus I think

Did you know that Air Asia claims to have the best Nasi Lemak? I was tempted to try it. The air stewardesses came with the food and everything and they stopped right before me to serve this foreign tourists. Being a nice person, I patiently waited for them to ask me, while making sure I was making eye contact with the air stewardess. Then, when they had served the passengers behind me, they just pushed the cart away without asking me. Angeline and I were looking at each other wondering how come the lady didn't ask me. It was very obvious I kept turning to look at what they were doing. In retrospect, perhaps she might have thought I was checking her out.... O well, will try the nasi lemak next time.

Flight was on schedule, so I reached Penang 2.30pm and waited for OCD to fetch me. He had left for Penang on Friday on a bus.

Penang International Airport... or is it Bayan Lepas International Airport?

After picking me up with mom, we headed to town centre to do some stuff. And as expected, the whole Penang was jammed with cars.

Stupid kancil driver trying to jump queue

Since I was kinda free, I went trigger-happy and took some random pics.

This shop on Penang Road has been around for ages

Campbell Street, also known as Chinatown

school bags for sale on Campbell Street

To discourage beggars from sleeping around, MPPP(local council) came up with this

Some shops in Chinatown has embraced the internet age... WEBSITE!

The building looks pre-war, right at the junction of the road famously known as "kua cha ke"(coffin road)

Gama has been here since 1967, barely surviving

Coming soon: Penang Time Square

An old tailoring shop on Jalan Datuk Keramat

Arguably the best school in Penang, if not Malaysia- CHUNG LING

Before going home, we stopped by a chinese medical hall to buy for medicine for my ankle. I sprained my right ankle teaching BODYATTACK last Wednesday and the chinese physician from Taman Megah prescribe the medicine. Supposed to soak my feet with it for around 30 minutes.

RM4.50 per packet

In the late evening, I took the opportunity to visit the Monday pasar malam near my home.

I've not been to this place for a very long time

Still a popular place

Used to buy charpati for Dad back when he was still around

20sen per pc

ate this variation of Penang laksa, known also as Laksa Utara

ordered ice-blended milo from this boy

apom - 50 sen per pc

Ahh... good to be home. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Asian Idol

In case you didn't know, last weekend they had this competition in Indonesia to crown the first Asian Idol. Funny though, considering the fact you have only representations from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Phillipines, and India.

Anyhow I only managed to watch the results show on Sunday. Apparently in order to vote, each sms must vote for 2 countries or it doesn't count. Kinda makes sense. Otherwise, the country with the highest population with mobile phones may just win hands down.

Hady looks hot

Anyhow, I mentioned to gf Singaporean Idol Hady has good showmanship, but most likely wasn't gonna win if he were to rely on his countrymen for votes.

Minutes before the results were announced, the hosts asked a few of the judges who they thought would win, and the bet was on the Indonesian Idol Mike or our very own Jacklyn Victor. One judge(can't remember who), however, said something that made sense. He said we should always be prepared for upsets as it could always happen. "Yeah," I was thinking to myself, "Remember when Daniel won? His win is probably the reason why 8TV cancelled Malaysian Idol. Lucky he didn't representing Malaysia or it's gonna be embarassing..."

so girly....

And true enough, it was a night of upsets as Liverpool and Chelsea lost their matches to Man Utd and Arsenal respectively, but that's another story. For Asian Idol, the winner was HADY.

"OMG.... I won!"

He looked totally shocked to find out he's the winner. I bet Mike and Jacklyn wouldn't have the same reaction if either one of them was declared the winner.

And so, it was a happy ending for Hady, coming from the country with the smallest population, to become the first ever Asian Idol.

Kinda disappointed that Jackyln didn't win, but it was encouraging to see upsets happening in life. Suddenly I have this optimistic outlook as I step into 2008. Who knows... I may be getting an "upset win" soon also?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Marriage made in gym

Heartiest Congratulations to Bernsy and his new maid mate, Auntie Santhi! Who would've thought romance could blossom out of an agressive programme called BODYCOMBAT?

Moral of the story? So don't quit gym - you might not get married.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Returning soon

You will be inspired again!