Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Asian Idol

In case you didn't know, last weekend they had this competition in Indonesia to crown the first Asian Idol. Funny though, considering the fact you have only representations from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Phillipines, and India.

Anyhow I only managed to watch the results show on Sunday. Apparently in order to vote, each sms must vote for 2 countries or it doesn't count. Kinda makes sense. Otherwise, the country with the highest population with mobile phones may just win hands down.

Hady looks hot

Anyhow, I mentioned to gf Singaporean Idol Hady has good showmanship, but most likely wasn't gonna win if he were to rely on his countrymen for votes.

Minutes before the results were announced, the hosts asked a few of the judges who they thought would win, and the bet was on the Indonesian Idol Mike or our very own Jacklyn Victor. One judge(can't remember who), however, said something that made sense. He said we should always be prepared for upsets as it could always happen. "Yeah," I was thinking to myself, "Remember when Daniel won? His win is probably the reason why 8TV cancelled Malaysian Idol. Lucky he didn't representing Malaysia or it's gonna be embarassing..."

so girly....

And true enough, it was a night of upsets as Liverpool and Chelsea lost their matches to Man Utd and Arsenal respectively, but that's another story. For Asian Idol, the winner was HADY.

"OMG.... I won!"

He looked totally shocked to find out he's the winner. I bet Mike and Jacklyn wouldn't have the same reaction if either one of them was declared the winner.

And so, it was a happy ending for Hady, coming from the country with the smallest population, to become the first ever Asian Idol.

Kinda disappointed that Jackyln didn't win, but it was encouraging to see upsets happening in life. Suddenly I have this optimistic outlook as I step into 2008. Who knows... I may be getting an "upset win" soon also?