Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lonely Merdeka

This year's Merdeka Celebration is gonna be pretty quiet for me. Gf is going to East Malaysia tomorrow for work. OCD taking bus back to Penang as well. So I'll be home alone this time.

At least I don't have Wacko Jacko...

I'm reminded of my first ever Merdeka in KL back in 1999. I just started work with Padini then, and was staying with OCD in Segambut. We actually went to Bangsar just to "look-see". I was still very unfamiliar with Klang Valley roads then(not that I'm an expert now) and going around in his car at night was quite confusing.

One of the most memorable Merdeka moments for me was in 2004. Together with the youths of Penang Christian Centre, we screened a movie on Merdeka eve, and we later gathered to sing "NegaraKu" as we raised the Malaysian flag.

Speaking of the Malaysian flag, we have been encouraged by our leaders to fly our flags on our cars. I have been doing it for a couple of years but this year I'm not going to do it. Reason? We're given cheap low quality flags. The problem is not really the flag but the flag stands. How many of us put our flags up only to find out later that they don't stick well? The fallen flags end up on the roads, run over by cars, buses, etc.

Anyway, back to topic. I'm basically abandoned by my brother & gf this time round. Don't really know what to do... though I did think of coming back to gym to work, but that will be soooooo....*sigh*

Anyone in the same situation? Wanna hang out on Merdeka eve? Do let me know... By the way, I'm not gay and this is not an invitation for a gay date.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Remember the rumours about my “comradeship”? Looks like I may have contributed to the whole episode.

I had been discussing with a couple of people and someone noted that I may not have switched sides, but I have been influenced in the way I talk. I have been advised that I should not use the word “CUTE” to describe other men. Apparently some people were caught by surprise when a couple of months ago I commented a couple of visiting male instructors were “cute”. “Good looking” and “handsome” are acceptable but “cute” is a no- no.

And so, for the past few days I try to avoid the “cute” word in my daily conversation and everything was ok… till yesterday evening when I realized how “deep” I’m influenced. I was looking for a replacement for a class. Anyhow, I managed to get someone to do it, and smsed the male instructor who was unable to teach the class that I’d found a replacement. Below is how the text conversation went, please note the ones in pink italics are my initial response while the ones is blue are my actual response:

Me: Found your cover already…

Instructor: Alright… Thanks a lot:) Really didn’t know who to look. Who’s covering?

Me: (A cute guy XXX XXX)
XXX XXX, XXXXXXX’s(another instructor) new crush

Instructor: Ah ok… Hmm… Is he dat good looking?

Me: (Yeah, he’s hot)
Tall & good looking

Instructor: Hmm… I guess my crowd is gonna be disappointed when I do back the class next week. Haha…

Me: (But you’re cute also what…)
(Not knowing how to reply without sounding happy, I didn't reply...)

Help - my brain has been hijacked.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Beautiful

Last week I managed to meet up with the “si lais” from my former company for lunch and one of them, Cynthia, commented that my skin complexion was better then before. Hmm… must be the new skin care regime I’ve adopted lately.

If I may:

For a while I was using Hazeline’s oil-control cleansing gel but I had an opportunity to try Dove and I liked the way my skin felt after that so I switched sides.

I got Irise anti-age moisturizer earlier this year because I was looking for something good that doesn’t smell too much. Pretty expensive for a small bottle but I think it’s worth every sen I paid for.

These cheaper Clean & Clear toner & moisturizer were leftovers from my time in B Braun. I used to clean my face during lunch time – mind you, the air cond in the office can be so dry.

Just bought them from Watson a week ago. Since they came in a set- face wash, face scrub, face lotion- I thought I could use them after my morning/afternoon classes. I decided to get the facial masks also since I kinda like it when gf let me try hers last week.

So how do I use all of them at the same time?

Simple. I start the day with Dove together with Clean & Clear toner and then I apply the Clean & Clear moisturizer. Then, during the day I will use the Watson face wash & face after my classes. At night I will again apply Dove with the tone, only this time, I will use Irise anti-age moisturizer instead.

I only add the Watson face scrub to my night cleaning regime twice weekly while the Watson facial mask is for the weekend. Just in case anyone is interested, here’s how to use the facial mask.

1.Wash face

You’ve gotta to make sure your face is clean first. So, in this case, I cleaned my face with Dove & Watson face scrub.

2.Apply mask

Spread mask onto the face. You need to gently press down the sheet to remove the bubbles between the sheet and the skin. Then, leave the mask on for 15 mins.

3. Remove mask

Just remove the mask after 15 mins and no rinsing required.

TADA.... My skin now feels so smooth and soft… I’m so happy!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Matinee Idol

The hottest topic in town lately is about this BODYCOMBAT instructor who's supposed to look like a matinee idol Lai Meng. Apparently he looks so much like the idol that this is what a certain gym member commented: "I checked on the net, and am amazed by the startling resemblance. if leon lai were president of america, then ykh can be his double... (for those high risk assassination appearances)."

So who's this YKH? Allow me to introduce you to our local matinee idol, You Kok Hoe.

Lai Meng and his dancers
You teaching at Miracle 2006

Oh yes, besides BODYCOMBAT, You is also trained in BODYJAM and most recently, BODYBALANCE. The latest programme he's teaching is the all new NIKE ROCKSTAR WORKOUT: BOLLYWOOD.Perhaps you can't see his face that well the first pic, but not to worry...

So does the big bad wolf look like Lai Meng? I'm also curious how much they look alike and so, I searched the net for Lai Meng's picture... and here's what I found:














"Hi, I'm Lai Meng from Empat Sekawan!"

I guess they're just 2 different people.

Anyway, You(the instructor, not you) can be found teaching classes in a few Fitness First studios across the Klang Valley.