Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Remember the rumours about my “comradeship”? Looks like I may have contributed to the whole episode.

I had been discussing with a couple of people and someone noted that I may not have switched sides, but I have been influenced in the way I talk. I have been advised that I should not use the word “CUTE” to describe other men. Apparently some people were caught by surprise when a couple of months ago I commented a couple of visiting male instructors were “cute”. “Good looking” and “handsome” are acceptable but “cute” is a no- no.

And so, for the past few days I try to avoid the “cute” word in my daily conversation and everything was ok… till yesterday evening when I realized how “deep” I’m influenced. I was looking for a replacement for a class. Anyhow, I managed to get someone to do it, and smsed the male instructor who was unable to teach the class that I’d found a replacement. Below is how the text conversation went, please note the ones in pink italics are my initial response while the ones is blue are my actual response:

Me: Found your cover already…

Instructor: Alright… Thanks a lot:) Really didn’t know who to look. Who’s covering?

Me: (A cute guy XXX XXX)
XXX XXX, XXXXXXX’s(another instructor) new crush

Instructor: Ah ok… Hmm… Is he dat good looking?

Me: (Yeah, he’s hot)
Tall & good looking

Instructor: Hmm… I guess my crowd is gonna be disappointed when I do back the class next week. Haha…

Me: (But you’re cute also what…)
(Not knowing how to reply without sounding happy, I didn't reply...)

Help - my brain has been hijacked.