Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Presentation 2009

And so I celebrated Christmas 2009 in KL, my very first Christmas away from Penang. Even when I was away studying in Australia, I've always managed to be in Penang for Christmas. But this year was a bit different.

Also diferrent was this year marked my first time back onto stage play after a long hiatus.

Initially I was supposed to be in this 3-parter on 6, 13 & 20 Dec, but because of the Les Mills Quarterly Workshop with Dan & Rachel Cohen, I was only in for 13 & 20 Dec. The role I played? My favourite... muahahahaha!

Below are some of the pictures taken on 20 Dec, the finale:)

the final rehearsal in the morning

Make up for the devils

Believe it or not, this guy is actually quite good looking in person

Putting on the red face....

Wifey helped to make me look bad

Almost done...

It is finished!

A lovely hubby/wifey moment

mucking around

The cast

I reckon this can be a good ad for some jeans company

Gabe showing off his wings

The temptation recap

The Father

The angelic hosts

The Son

Overall, it sure brought back sweet memories of my previous involvement in Penang Christian Centre. I'm looking forward to a new challenge next year.

Next year, I hope that we would be able to put up a full-length drama that will run for a few days. In fact, I'm currently working on something to be submitted to the church leadership. God willing, it will be a good one:)

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!!!!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Adam the Musical's Final Call

And so, 22 of us were chosen to be part of Adam The Musical!

Basically it was a short brieing session by Joe Hasham OAM, our director. He took some time to explain to us what we are going to commit to and how this would require a lot of hard work from everyone.

Among the things he mentioned:

"No one is bigger than the production"

"There's only 1 director, not 22 directors"

"People First, Performance Now"

Mark Beau also shared a bit a his experience on collecting information before writing the story to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS. The last thing, he said, people with HIV need is our sympathy. The more important thing to do is to create awareness so that people with HIV/AIDS will not be rejected by the community.

We were given the practice schedule and we'll kick start the practice on Tue 26 Jan 2010 Tuesday.

Before we left the place, we went around hugging one another and wish one another well.

I still don't know most of the people in the musical. but I'm probably the only first-timer in the group... which is why I felt priviledged to be part of this production. I look forward to the practices, even though I will have to give up my classes and drive from Puchong to Jalan Ipoh at least 3 times a week. I believe this will be a worthwhile effort.

I am thankful that my boss has given her blessings for me to pursue this. Otherwise, I may have to resign to do this:)

Anyhow, I will be sharing my experience in this production, from the first day of practice on 26 Jan 2010 to the actual show starting on 12 May 2010 at The Actors Studio in Lot 10.

I finally have something interesting to blog about besides gym- Stay tuned!