Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend Pics

What do you do when you really want a Benz but can't afford one?

Try this...

Saturday I went to the Curve to see IPOD's combat class. Since I was there early coz gf wanted to be kicked wanted to attend BODYJAM, I went to the centre court to see the Final of the Malaysian Open which featured Azlan in the men's final and fellow Penangite Nicol David in the women's.

they built this court over the last weekend

the paying crowd

I presume it's the official cheer leaders, since they are allocated a spot next to the court

Managed to see the men's match but left after Nicole won the second set to make it 2-0. IPOD's class was starting. He was teaching with his latest accessory from Shanghai. Sad to say, because of Manjakid's sweat on the stage(he taught BODYSTEP earlier), IPOD slipped and injured himself. For more of this, click here.

O well, will visit him again next time...

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Football truly is a heck of a sports - it makes you do things you crazy things.

You took a trip to a foreign country to support your team.

You cheer and shout till you lose your voice.

You have no qualm about hugging another person in public.


What happens when your team made it to the Final of the Asian Cup?

You celebrate.

And celebrate.

And then you blow yourself up in public, taking your fellow Iraqis with you.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend demos

After being busy with wedding dinners the week before, last week I was busy with gym demos/promo pulak.

First appearance of the weekend was in KLCC centre court with NTV7's Road Show "URBANLIVE".

I was there to do run some sort of fitness challenge by getting 10 people from the floor to follow me with some BODYCOMBAT moves. Was there early so got the chance to see the performance by the tv personalities.

Dee & Adibah

Dee & Adibah of "Asam Garam"(Fri 8.30pm) got 6 people to join them on stage. They were given 20 seconds to think of a name for themselves as superheroes. Based on the names created by the participants, I can safely say that Malaysian public are an uncreative lot.... Anyhow, Adibah is a very very good singer!

singing Marc Anthony's "My Baby You" with her powerful vocal

Another notable personality there was Nora, who sang a couple of songs which I'm not familiar with. Still love her "Di Persimpangan Dilema"...

Right after Nora, it was Dina of Malaysian Idol season 1. She was good during the competition 3 years ago but she's even better now. She blew me away with Christina Aguilera's "Hurt".

Once Lyn and I were done with our segment, we rushed to Mid Valley's for Maybank's Credit Card Fair. Did the BODYCOMBAT demo together with Peggy. Ended the demo by breaking some planks...

The next day, Sunday I had to get up very early to do a BODYATTACK warm up with Jackson for the Shoe String Run in Kota Kemuning. The run started at 7am, so I was up by 515am....

Went home straight after that to sleep. Finally woke up at 1pm for the 2nd session with NTV7. This time it's Nick's turn to get the participants to do some BODYBALANCE poses.

Was there to watch, just in case they need me to choose the winners for the BODYBALANCE challenge. This time, managed to see Tina(Malaysian Idol season 2 finalist) and Jacklyn Victor. Lucky Daniel wasn's around as he was in Penang promoting his new album "Unavoidable"

Nick showed a few basic poses and off the 10 contestants went.... One chubby guy somehow managed to do the posese pretty well, I was impressed! Naturally, he was the winner of the first prize(winners chosen by audience's response).

Right before we left, managed to take a pic with the one true Malaysian Idol.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend wedding(s) Pt. 2

Cousin had his second wedding dinner the following day at Penang Club. I was there early since I was the MC for the dinner.

the main table

Didn't practise at stupid jokes for the wedding since my cousin is quite eccentric in nature - dunno if he can appreciate jokes from me. So I just did whatever they put on the paper for me to announce.

my 15-yr-old niece

The noisiest part of the thing was the tea ceremony at 5.30pm, right before the dinner.

The seniors came early to the tea ceremony

The ceremony felt a bit disorganized as they didn't have a "tai kham cheh" to run the whole ceremony. It felt more like everyone just queued up for their turn.

My aunt receiving the "bird nest" tea from her new daughter-in-law

This time it was a straight forward 8-course dinner with no drunken relatives doing their best with the karaoke machine. Not even a big traditional "yam seng". very quiet, stylish and elegant - just the way my cousin wanted. The only entertainment was my cousin attempting to dance with his bride to the tune of "The theme from Pink Panther". I was seated at the main table but I spent most of my time walking around to look busy - too bored to stay at one table with old people.

dinner in session

Even though I was back for 3 days 2 nights, all my time was taken up by the wedding so it was still a very, very short trip back. Will probably plan another trip back in early or late August with no agenda.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend wedding(s) Pt.1

Just reached KL after spending the weekend attending 2 wedding dinners(same couple). Today's entry is about the first one on Saturday. Dress code for the wedding was "must wear jacket" and so here's how I looked.

Ok, I had a horn on top but I wasn't horny...

The wedding ceremony was held right before the dinner at the Holiday Inn in Batu Ferringhi- An outdoor setting for a change.

Here comes the bride, all dress in white

The 40-yr-old virgin The groom, my cousin

My cousin met Karina(a retired BODYJAM® instructor) at Fitness FirstIsland Plaza,.... So you see, joining a gym can do wonders for your social life.


"Can we hurry up?"

The ceremony lasted longer than it should, no thanks to an over enthusiastic minister, who really took his time to talk about marriage. He lost me after 10 minutes.

I present to you.... Mr & Mrs Raymond Ooi

We then went to the dining area.

The main table

It was a pretty simple dinner, without any of those traditional-chinese-karaoke-yam-seng stuff. After all, my cousin had wanted his wedding to be stylish(hence everyone needed to wear jackets). There was a speech by the bestman, which was followed by only 2 song presentations, one of which was by the groom himself... though I wouldn't really call it singing, since he made William Hung sound like a real Idol - VERY BRAVE!!!.... Oh wait, there was another impromptu singing but it was more of a SS moment for the guy.

buffet-style dinner

Kim, Island Plaza GXC was invited to the wedding too.

Kim & I

Kim came with Jerican. FYI, Jerican has a column on Men's Health magazine....

Kim & beau

Lucky for this baby, there wasn't any noisy yam sengs or singing....

Double owww.....

Food was so-so, and we finished at aroun 11pm- we had been there since 6pm. Since we are at Batu Ferringhi, I took the opportunity to support our local entrperneurs again.....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

2 Weeks ago: Penang Les Mills Launch

1 week after Miracle 2007 at Cineleisure, 5 of us(Leonara, Lyn, Jeremy, Riyo, moi) went up to Penang for the launch on 23 June Saturday.

Kim with member

First programme of the day was BODYCOMBAT®, followed by RPM 10 mins later. As all the instructors are busy that day, it was left to yours truly to do a solo launch.

Your BODYCOMBAT® launch instructor in his combat skirt pants

side kick leg conditioning

Meanwhile. Alan and Lynn joined up to launch RPM 35.

Alan & Lynn riding up a storm

After BODYCOMBAT®, it was followed by BODYSTEP®. It was then that my camera went out of battery.

Riyo, Kim & Jeremy launched BODYSTEP® with the Penang Team

In between the launches, Kim was auctioning some of the Penang instructors to raise money for the K9 Support Group & Heart Foundation. Somehow, Penang members really like to see their male instructors take off their tops...

Since I had only one launch, I just spent some time on the gym floor doing weights as I've already retired from BODYPUMP®. Later in the evening, I didn't have transport to go home(I stayed at home while the others stay in an apartment near the gym) so I decided to take the bus to my home church in Penang, Penang Christian Centre.

Was there quite early, so just sat there and watch the music practice.

Shammah Hall

Kinda miss my time here. It's hard to believe I've left the church for 1.5 years already. Some were surprised to see me back, some even thought I was back for good. Actually, given the chance, it's would be nice to be back in Penang. The problem I may face if I ever get posted back to Penang is boredom. Been used to teaching in so many gyms in the Klang Valley, it will be very hard to just teach in 1 gym again.

Back in Penang, I have my bunch of male friends I can hang out with. Now in KL, my circle of friends are quite small and limited. I don't get to watch Football or go for a action movie with the lads. Not very nice for my social emotional development... this may sound odd, but I really need some men in my life.

Danny playing with the PA system

The service

The senior pastor, Rev. Isaac Chan, and Pastor Lydia are somewhere in (I think)Eastern Europe- He's been on sabbatical leave for about year to do some studies. So the church sometimes get his preaching via the video.

Rev Isaac Chan once wanted to call himself Charlie Chan, but sanity prevailed and he chose Isaac instead

After service, managed to get Gabe to send me back, but not before having supper with the youths.


I miss being home....