Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend wedding(s) Pt.1

Just reached KL after spending the weekend attending 2 wedding dinners(same couple). Today's entry is about the first one on Saturday. Dress code for the wedding was "must wear jacket" and so here's how I looked.

Ok, I had a horn on top but I wasn't horny...

The wedding ceremony was held right before the dinner at the Holiday Inn in Batu Ferringhi- An outdoor setting for a change.

Here comes the bride, all dress in white

The 40-yr-old virgin The groom, my cousin

My cousin met Karina(a retired BODYJAM® instructor) at Fitness FirstIsland Plaza,.... So you see, joining a gym can do wonders for your social life.


"Can we hurry up?"

The ceremony lasted longer than it should, no thanks to an over enthusiastic minister, who really took his time to talk about marriage. He lost me after 10 minutes.

I present to you.... Mr & Mrs Raymond Ooi

We then went to the dining area.

The main table

It was a pretty simple dinner, without any of those traditional-chinese-karaoke-yam-seng stuff. After all, my cousin had wanted his wedding to be stylish(hence everyone needed to wear jackets). There was a speech by the bestman, which was followed by only 2 song presentations, one of which was by the groom himself... though I wouldn't really call it singing, since he made William Hung sound like a real Idol - VERY BRAVE!!!.... Oh wait, there was another impromptu singing but it was more of a SS moment for the guy.

buffet-style dinner

Kim, Island Plaza GXC was invited to the wedding too.

Kim & I

Kim came with Jerican. FYI, Jerican has a column on Men's Health magazine....

Kim & beau

Lucky for this baby, there wasn't any noisy yam sengs or singing....

Double owww.....

Food was so-so, and we finished at aroun 11pm- we had been there since 6pm. Since we are at Batu Ferringhi, I took the opportunity to support our local entrperneurs again.....

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