Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend Pics

What do you do when you really want a Benz but can't afford one?

Try this...

Saturday I went to the Curve to see IPOD's combat class. Since I was there early coz gf wanted to be kicked wanted to attend BODYJAM, I went to the centre court to see the Final of the Malaysian Open which featured Azlan in the men's final and fellow Penangite Nicol David in the women's.

they built this court over the last weekend

the paying crowd

I presume it's the official cheer leaders, since they are allocated a spot next to the court

Managed to see the men's match but left after Nicole won the second set to make it 2-0. IPOD's class was starting. He was teaching with his latest accessory from Shanghai. Sad to say, because of Manjakid's sweat on the stage(he taught BODYSTEP earlier), IPOD slipped and injured himself. For more of this, click here.

O well, will visit him again next time...

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