Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend wedding(s) Pt. 2

Cousin had his second wedding dinner the following day at Penang Club. I was there early since I was the MC for the dinner.

the main table

Didn't practise at stupid jokes for the wedding since my cousin is quite eccentric in nature - dunno if he can appreciate jokes from me. So I just did whatever they put on the paper for me to announce.

my 15-yr-old niece

The noisiest part of the thing was the tea ceremony at 5.30pm, right before the dinner.

The seniors came early to the tea ceremony

The ceremony felt a bit disorganized as they didn't have a "tai kham cheh" to run the whole ceremony. It felt more like everyone just queued up for their turn.

My aunt receiving the "bird nest" tea from her new daughter-in-law

This time it was a straight forward 8-course dinner with no drunken relatives doing their best with the karaoke machine. Not even a big traditional "yam seng". very quiet, stylish and elegant - just the way my cousin wanted. The only entertainment was my cousin attempting to dance with his bride to the tune of "The theme from Pink Panther". I was seated at the main table but I spent most of my time walking around to look busy - too bored to stay at one table with old people.

dinner in session

Even though I was back for 3 days 2 nights, all my time was taken up by the wedding so it was still a very, very short trip back. Will probably plan another trip back in early or late August with no agenda.

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