Sunday, July 01, 2007

Free phones for Maxis registration too!

I'm sure most people would've seen the latest promo by Digi.

By just commtting to Digi for 2 years, you get a new Samsung phone to use for FREE.... and we're not talking about cheap low range phones here!

So I decided to call up Maxis 123 to find out what they have to counter Digi's offer. I was directed to this offer:

So if you decide to sign up with Maxis, you get to purchase either Motorola V3xx or Nokia E65 at a special price.... I think it's crap compare to getting a free phone.

I have to admit I'm tempted to switch to Digi but I'm still a strong believer in Maxis' coverage. So how?

I reckon all Maxis subscribers should unite together and make demands for a free phone from Maxis. It's very simple,.... so simple anyone can do it.

Just call up 123 and just tell the customer care consultants that you are thinking of terminating your phone line and register with Digi for the new phone. Now imagine receiving millions of Maxis users' threats to cancel their subsciption... I'm sure the people at Maxis would be p**ing in their pants.

So if you are a Maxis user, please do us all a favour: Make that "123" call!! Who knows, we may all stand to win something out of this?

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Snapshots said...

i agreed to this, i am indeed thinking of that, but due to the fact that I seem to get a lot of span sms from Maxis then my former digi line.