Monday, August 06, 2007

You don't love me anymore

Saw this posting last week and it broke my heart:

"We have on the Y axis, "lurve" quantified, one rung for each attendance. On
the X axis, we have the dates. Green for Tuesdays, Orange for Saturdays. The
blue line represents FCI's, and purple FDI's. Now, anyone with HALF an eye can
see who's leading in the attendance stakes. Satisfied or not, FCI? Roll

I reckon if I were FCI, I would be very happy with the "lurve" I'm getting from FBB. Applying the same principles as he used to meaure the "lurve" for FCI & IPOD, this is how my chart looks like:

See my line? NO? That's it.... my "lurve line" does not exist. In fact if I were to extend the period longer to, say.. Feb 2007:

Where's the lurve, FBB? Why won't you love me???