Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday Combat hapennings....

Tonight's BODYCOMBAT was happening, so much so that I can't wait to blog it.

Early in the day, I got an sms from Renee asking if I was teaching. Apparently she's coming to my class. Oh boy, Les Mills BODYCOMBAT presenter coming to my class! Then of course, there was this question of whether shanti and BH would make another appearance after last week's Shanti's Combat Nite. After all, there was no indication in either one's blog, although shanti did blog about some weird music, movies and children's stories she grew up with.... (canton)MEH LEI KEH?

Kinda happy to see them in DU again. If not, I would've been bitching about them now. Also making a re-appearance were a couple of regulars who went missing last week. Apparently one of them was celebrating her birthday and they decided to skip my class. Darn, how come they never invite me?

So Renee was in the class, and I got a bit excited. Anyhow, managed to ask to her before I began that she'd just give me some feedbacks after the class- it's not that often I get feedbacks for BODYCOMBAT. Ever since I was appointed BODYCOMBAT assist. HT and later HT, I've only got feedbacks from Kylie. So thank you Renee, for your feedbacks.

ACTUALLY Aacthelli it was a good class, though I was exhausted by the end of the class... It's my THIRD class of the day, the last one after BODYATTACK in The Curve 5.30pm. It was, however, a far cry from last year, when I had 4 classes on Tuesday. Then, usually I punctured by the end of track 5. Finally I got smarter and drop 1 class.

OK, back to the class. Made a few inside jokes here and there and with Renee helping in track 5(crash the wedding), we got the entire class screaming and sweating out. Tiring, but fun... all thanks to the support from the members. They were unusually loud today... probably Renee was there to get the members going.

After the class, shanti and BH asked me to join them for dinner/supper/whatever. So I suggested the kopitiam right opposite RHB in DU. You'd probably see BH's review since he was busy taking pictures of the food. Idiot, why didn't you take pictures of me working my butts off in the class earlier?

So we had a great time catching up and sharing some updates on our lives. It was then I noticed the way shanti looked at me when she was talking to me. She seemed very friendly and nice to me lately. If she wasn't attached, I would've thought she may have some ulterior motives. Don't get me wrong; it's nice to have people who appreciate what you do in class, but it's another thing to have a stalker in your class, somemore I already got gf leh...

Anyhow, hopefully they will be coming back to my class again next week. I really need some lurve in DU...