Friday, January 05, 2007

The worst time to meet up with old friends

Was thinking of blogging my 10-day-holiday pics from Penang but received a very shocking news that totally took the mood out.

Got a call this morning telling me that a former colleague of mine from Padini passed away last night after delivering her first baby. Her husband, whom she met in Padini, was also a former Padini employee- In fact, the three of us started work together on 2 Aug 1999, she with Seed and the two of us with PDI.

It's kinda heartbreaking to hear the news coz they just got married in Nov 2004- gf & I were invited to the wedding in Kepong. I can still remember how happy they looked...

I'll be going to their residence tonight and maybe tomorrow as well. If only I don't have to meet up with old friends this way.

On another note, if anyone is thinking of buying a new 3G Nokia, gf wants to sell her phone. Haven't used yet and still in packaging. For more info, please click here.