Thursday, August 04, 2005

Copycat Fitness First in Penang

Finally, A few "little birds"(Jeff Ooi is not the ony one getting help from little birds) decided to drop me pictures of the fake imitation Fitness First in Penang. Thanks little birds!

Apparently they dun like ppl taking pictures inside...

Fitness Studio opened about a year ago at the Gurney, right behind Gurney Hotel. When it opened, it managed to snatch a couple of personal trainers/fitness instructors from Fitness First at Island Plaza. Of course, as Penangites are famous for being super kiam siap prudent, some members also cancelled their membership at FF since FS was offering about 33% cheaper monthly fee. I still remember that time the FF club manager Juliette asking me if I was defecting. Nah... I was happy at FF and I saw it as an opportunity to teach at FF(I just completed my Body Combat training then). Furthermore, cheap doesn't neccessarily mean good- look at Proton if you don't understand that.

Through some locker conversations in FF, I was told that FS is owned by a former Miss Malaysia who just happens to be the mistress of a property developer(Something like he opened the gym for her, but please DON'T QUOTE ME- I'm just telling you what I heard!). She used to work out at FF too, but since FS opened I didn't see her anymore, so there could be some truth in the rumour.

I actually went there to take a look before they opened and the place looked quite spacious to me. The monthly fee of RM100 sounded reasonable, but I was put off by this:

The fake

Now compare it to FF:

The REAL deal

I have no problem if a fellow Penangite wants to venture into the fitness industry, but PLEASE-LAH, get your own identity! People's name Fitness First, yours Fitness Studio,... The name already sound so alike still wanna copy people's font to mislead the masses.

Neeeeeways... if anyone in Penang is interested to join a gym that's cheap, and you don't mind having not so good personal trainers or instructors competitively priced, why not give Fitness Studio a try? At least you're joining a fitness centre and get to see some pretty girls, I heard that there's this one hot kindergarden teacher exercise and be healthy.