Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Odd Couple(s) at Bangsar Shopping Centre

Last night I went to The Actors Studio in BSC to watch The Odd Couple(Female Version)- my gf had won 2 free tickets from Maxis last Thursday.

I was looking forward to the outing, coz it's been a long time we get to go out and do something different instead of the usual "meet-me-at-Fitness-First-for-class" dates and movie outings. Unfortunately, things didn't work out as planned and we had a "disagreement" on the way to the show. So, we both went into the theatre baptised in vinegar.(At this point, I shan't disclose the topic of discussion but suffice to say that it's been dealt with)

the play is about 2 friends named Olive and Florence. Olive asked Florence to move in with her after Florence's marriage broke up. Lots of funny stuff sprung up because of their different personalities: Olive is messy and doesn't do much cleaning while Flo basically is the female version of my OCD brother. Olive is played by Bernie Chan while Samantha Schubert takes up the character of Flo. Others in the play were Sarah Shahrum, Elaine Daly, Nor Hazlin, Chacko Vadaketh, Sham Sunder Binwani.

Despite the pugilistic mood I was in, I thought the play was pretty entertaining- I've always loved stage plays with live dialogues(as opposed to pre-taped dialogues that I'm used to in my church Christmas/Easter persentations). Most of the actors/actresses delivered their punch lines effectively, though a couple of the ladies did mess up a bit on their lines.

Bernie carried the role quite well and Samantha was good too, just that I find her voice a bit pitchy- sometimes I couldn't hear what she was saying. Boy,does she look fat with her butt resembling the rear end of an elephant she really needs to work out a bit methinks. However, the ones who stole the show last night IMHO were the supporting cast like Elaine(playing a dumb blonde-ish character though her hair was dark brown), and especially Chacko and Sham who played the funny twins from India.

The play is directed by Joe Hasham while Farid Merican acts as the executive producer.

If only I could laugh more then... Unfortunately, we left the theatre with our sour faces intact:-/