Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Let's get fat fit

Jackie Chan in town!

If you were at Mid Valley Megamall during the weekend, you might have noticed the commotion on the 3rd floor. He was there to open the country's first California Fitness Jackie Chan signature club. Even the Youth and Sport Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said was there for the the opening.

So California has Jackie Chan... Big deal. We at Fitness First also got our own ambassador what....

Simon says, "Join FF..."

I think it's a great way for Cali to promote inself because of the vast appeal of Jackie Chan. It will be interesting to see how Cali intends to eat into the fitness industry currently dominated by FF. A couple of years ago, there were only a few fitness centres like Clark Hatch, Gold's Gym, etc... then suddenly you see fitness centres mushrooming when FF entered Malaysia. At the moment, there are 2 Cali against 9 FF in the Klang Valley. Next year we'll see even more new ones as both Cali and FF have stated their intentions to open more fitness centres in the Klang Valley. Not forgetting, there are other new players around like Celebrity Fitness and True Fitness as well.

From where I come from in Penang, you can get FF at Island Plaza and an imitation FF called Fitness Studio at the Gurney. The reason I call it an imitation is it uses the EXACT font like FF to spell out it's name(Serena, Mike, Danny, Leslie...please take a picture for me?). However, come October, Celebrity Fitness will be opening their centre at Gurney Plaza. Got that? 3 fitness centres in Tanjung Tokong/Pulau Tikus!!!

Anyway, speaking of Celebrity, it is quite odd the way they promote their gym. If you look at California, you'd probably see Jackie Chan or something like this:

For Fitness First, you may get this:

In both instances, you see real people working out, right? Now check out Celebrity's website:

sex hormone driven fitness centre...

If you happen to be driving around One Utama (maybe soon around Penang's Tanjung Tokong), you'd see their billboard posters with unhealthy-looking, anorexic slim, gorgeous ladies staring at you too. That's right, folks... the moment you sign up with Celebrity Fitness, you're gonna get nothing but hot mommas walking around in the gym. Forget the workout- here at Celebrity Fitness, you don't need to work out!! Just go for the chicks!