Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Kami and Kita

bobdogz: btw, 'hati' = heart not liver :p

Me: nope.. heart is jantung... in kamus, hati direct translation is liver

bobdogz: oh...izzit?!!
bobdogz: hati = liver ah...
bobdogz: wah...ur Malay A1 izzit???


bobdogz: now i pai seh :)
bobdogz: ya..i remember something like that now...

Me: btw, u know the diff between kami and kita?

bobdogz: heart = jantung
bobdogz: i know i know
bobdogz: kami = us...
bobdogz: kita = we...
bobdogz: rite leh???
bobdogz: my malay A1 one lar heheheh

Me: in poetic form, hati is used as heart... jantung bunyi tak cukup sedap

bobdogz: ya i know about htat tooo

Me: kami and kita both also we, us, etc... but slight difference usage

bobdogz: kami..and kita..different usage...??
bobdogz: whats ur definition??
bobdogz: i thot kami = me and my gang...not including 3rd party....
bobdogz: and kita = me and my gang and 3rd party etc etc....(all of us)

Me: uhuh, kami does incl. the listener while kita includes the listener

bobdogz: kami does NOT include the listener?
bobdogz: yup yup.that's rite...

Me: I hate it when the politicians use "kita akan buat ni, buat tu.." when they should be saying "kami"

bobdogz: ur explanation better....hahaha

Me: u sure you got A1?

bobdogz: wei!!
bobdogz: i know what I'm saying...just not good in explaining LOL!
Me: there are fake degrees out there... won't be surprised with fake A1 for Bahasa Melayu in SPM
bobdogz: where got?!!
bobdogz: SPM cannot fake one lar :D

Me: who knows? I may be talking to one here...

bobdogz: wei!!!!
bobdogz: i'm damn proud of my a1 one...:p
bobdogz: soooo hard to get...

Me: got fake MC, fake watch, fake DVD, the car dealer using a fake letter from bank.... so now we have a new one on the list- fake SPM

bobdogz: LOL! :)
bobdogz: yalor..ur stupid car dealer..
bobdogz: no lar..where got fake MC?
bobdogz: MC is not fake...just obtain illegally...
bobdogz: pay with money, but still genuine MC letter ma

Me: nowadays the standard of SPM has gone down,,,, your A1 is probably just C3 or lower in my time...
Me: IF it's real

bobdogz: It is REAL
bobdogz: hey..i'm not that young too lar...

Me: got an employee who gave me photostated copy of her MC... found out she tipu...

bobdogz: found out?
bobdogz: not normal meh? MC but not sick...
bobdogz: she bought it??

Me: told her to pack her bag and go... back then I was managing Why Pay More? at Gurney

bobdogz: wah!!!
bobdogz:u soo strict one ah??
bobdogz: sooooo bad....

Me: she used old MC and blanco it.. then photostat

bobdogz: kiam siap lor...
bobdogz: can buy one ma...
bobdogz: next time teach her ;)

Me: actually if I want to get MC very easy..
Me: no need to buy

bobdogz: how how?
bobdogz: ur fren doctor?
bobdogz: for me, i never buy MC before...
bobdogz: always genuine one...

Me: nope.. I need to use panel clinics... still no problem

bobdogz: but then, sometimes i sick, i oso don't take MC...
bobdogz: then how u get MC??

Me: will involve money, but only about RM3-4

bobdogz: huh??
bobdogz: RM3-4? parking?

Me: just go to any supermarket, 7-11 or sundry shop
Me: buy 1 carton of milk

bobdogz: then??
bobdogz: drink it and u fall ill??
bobdogz: u allergic to milk?

Me: I lactose intollerent

bobdogz: oh...
bobdogz: i guess that oledi

Me: guarantee within 15 min i will be rushing for toilet

bobdogz: :)
bobdogz: good for dieting oso
bobdogz: hahahha

Me: I still doubt your A1...

bobdogz: just tell me...how to get fake A1??

Me: hati=heart KONONNYA A1...

bobdogz: wei!!!!
bobdogz: that's how it's used in song ma

Me: you break your teacher's liver with that statement

bobdogz: like what u say...how do i know you use DIRECT translation wo
bobdogz: :)
bobdogz: break ur teacher's liver..so 'pai tia' c..c...c

Me: I'll probably copy and paste this conversation on my blog..

bobdogz: wei!!
bobdogz: i malu...

Me: You'll be famous....

bobdogz: ok deal :)

Me: what school u from? what year ur SPM?

bobdogz: since u got fan already..
bobdogz: Main Convent, Ipoh...
bobdogz: 1995 :)

Me: ok, will put the info in... memalukan sekolah convent

bobdogz: wei!!!

Me: now we all know 1995 there was a fake A1 SPM scam...
Me: lol

bobdogz: cannot put my school name!

Me: too late... u gave it already!

bobdogz: fine fine fine

bobdogz: c who ppl believe..

Me: heheheh

bobdogz: u better say
bobdogz: i thot its in poetic form k? :0
bobdogz: :)
bobdogz: cut and paste nicely..dont' miss out info LOL

Me: see how lah... may need to edit here and there to make you look even worse

bobdogz: cheh
bobdogz: u like :p

I don't even have to edit the convesation- Serena looks silly enough by herself:)

Anyhow, here some possible conclusions from this conversation:

1) Leaked SPM BM papers or fake SPM cert scandals occured in 1995
2) The Bahasa Melayu standard at Ipoh's Main Convent is questionable
3) She slept through her Form 5 and made it with fake SPM cert and/or leaked BM papers
4) She still types a lot more than me
5) She will kill me for suggesting the above possible conclusions

I wonder which it is....