Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dry spell

shades: my gf commented my blog getting stale...

shades: trying too hard, she said...

bobdogz: oh...then are u trying to hard?

bobdogz: i just notice, u imitate the seasoned bloggers style a bit lor..

bobdogz: but then, what else are there to blog...

bobdogz: not much variance oso bo chap lar..

bobdogz: do whatever u like..

shades: dunno.... dun think so, just blog whatever I think of lor, like the Mabuchi thing

bobdogz: i still blog when i felt it..

bobdogz: sometimes 2-3 blogs in a day ;)

bobdogz: like that ok ma...

bobdogz: din notice it gets stale ler...for me...

bobdogz: got the peaks and downs lor...ppl dont' always keep their humour on 24 hours a day ler... THAT gets stale :)

After pasting this conversation, it dawned on me- This girl really likes to talk! Just type 1-2 lines, she replies with 4-5 lines :)

Anyway, I do appreciate her feedback. It's kinda funny how we became friends- through our common interest in Les Mills Programmes, even though we go to rival fitness centres.

Also, with the dry season continuing, DOE has banned open burning in the Klang Valley- maybe the department forgot to define smoking as open burning too.