Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Getting back the car Pt 2

A new day...
No haze in Penang(yet!)

We left Penang at about 8.15am, with my mom and nephew tagging along. Getting out of the island was hard because of the stupid jam on the bridge, but after that it was smooth flowing. We eventually reached the police station at about 10.15am. My mom and brother went for breakfast while Daryl and I went to see the sergeant. Kebetulan he was at his car outside the office and we were told to follow his car to the court.

It was not very far actually and we promptly followed him around the court looking for the magistrate- apparently the court is having some renovation and the judge's office was shifted to another place.

After going around the court, he eventually found the judge's office. We proceed to enter and met the judge and I had to sign a document stating that I would not sell nor alter the Waja until the case is closed. Otherwise, I would have to pay the government of Malaysia RM50,000. Daryl acted as my guarantor and also signed the same document. With that, we went back to the police station to collect my car.

She's back
Reminds me of this song, "Reunited, and it feels so good..."

So officially the car is back with me. Like I mentioned before the power windows have been fixed, costing RM830. Also I got a paint job on the bonnet and a dent at side was fixed too. I was actually thinking of calling the conman and thanking him before I saw this:

thanks a lot...
No Hitz.fm, Mix Fm, My Fm, ERA for now...

If only I could write out the words I felt like uttering at the moment.... I don't get it- it's the original player that has no real value in the market! They removed the CD-changer(of course) and later I found out they took the wiper's water dispensing motor and tank too. They replaced my 6-month old battery with an old one(which died at the petrol station later when I was refueling). Oh, they also took my tyres and replaced them with almost botak ones. I had only changed the front tyres 7-8 months ago while the rear tyres had been there since I bought the car in July 03- must be really desperate to take the rear ones too.

at least they gave me tyres, right?
need to change 'em soon...

After getting the petrol pumped(and bought a new calcium maintenance free battery- fortunately last time I didn't buy the maintenance free battery), I took her back to KL with me. I pretty much want to say that we live happily ever after, but the repair work has just begun. I bought 4 2nd-hand tyres for RM120 to replace the bold bald ones. Also, I also spent some money servicing the car.

I will list out the cost of everything later on and compare it with what I've got back in return(the power window, paint job, etc...).

So, it's good bye to the green Myvi and hello again stupid Ploton...*sigh*