Monday, August 22, 2005

Things the si lai ladies in my dept discuss at work

"Do you save money for your daughter's education?"

"Do you prefer white bread or wholemeal? What about brown rice?"

"Do you know what a female circumcision is?"

"Do you get bad back aches before your menstrual?"

"Today you didn't put powder, izit? You seem a bit tanned..."

"Do you know Lorraine Han? She's quite big in the media world and I saw her at Shang during the weekend..."

"Do you know Angelina Jolie recently just adopted an Ethiopian daughter?"

"Do you know Soon Ai Ling? Apparently she said she doesn't mind being a single parent..."

"Pamela Anderson wants a smaller waist and had a operation to remove some of her ribs..."

"Why is it KFC's Hot & Spicy has more calories than the original?"

"Would you kiss your children on the lips when they are small?"

"Wah, it seems that Angelina and Brad are going out together now..."

Sometimes I feel like a man trapped in a women's world. I need a guy colleague- please help.