Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Question on Nike Tribal Challenge at Fitness First

In case you've forgotten, being a big shot like me means that I get harassed by my fans all the time I've been making new friends on the net ever since I came over to KL, and some of them are my gym members. Today someone asked me:

Nike question

Well WY, thanks for asking. I appreciate you asking me instead of checking it with the front desk peeps at Fitness First. True, the campaign is targeted at si lai ladies but you have to understand, WY, that the ladies are probably gonna get their husband/boyfriend to buy the new range of clothes us guys want to be part of the action too. Otherwise, we would've felt unappreciated and started buying Adidas or Reebok left out. Because of the main focus is on the ladies, that is why a tribe of max 5 ppl must consist of at least 3 ladies. Also, if you look at the list of instructors, most of the Body Combat instuctors are mails males. There you go, WY... hope that answers your question.

A little update on the tribal challenge!

So far there are 3 Body Combat tribes competing at Fitness First Menara Summit, led by Alex, Kathryn, and yours truly here. So, there is a good chance of making it to the semi-finals. I have not heard much about the other gyms, except that 2 of my peers(we trained together lah!) are clashing at FF The Curve. Terence will be leading his tribe from Subang while Renee will be defending the pride of The Curve with her hardcore female followers. It should be an interesting contest over there. Terence has fantastic techniques with his martial arts background and with a great personality, personally I think it will be hard for any instructor to upstage him except me because I'm so much taller but his tribe members may not be as strong as Renee's... Gosh, I really must see it!

To the FF members reading, you can find out the date of the respective competition at your home gym and go support your friends! The programmes involved are Body Step, Body Jam and Body Combat. If you are not a member, just get a friend to give you a guest pass and come join in the fun! Another alternative is you can still email me at mee_goreng@yahoo.com to get a free pass to participate in the challenge classes or other Les Mills programmes.