Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I've not been teaching with a lot of BODYATTACK® instructors but if there's one I enjoyed the most teaching with, it would be JACKSON PUNG.

Why? I think he's teaches with lots of energy and confidence, reminds me of myself in BODYCOMBAT®. I've not attended any of the other programmes he teaches(he does BODYJAM®, BODYSTEP®, BODYPUMP®, and soon BODYCOMBAT®), but if he shows the same powder power as he does in BODYATTACK®.... FU-YOH!

His class is quite popular in Cheras on Saturdays. In spite of a handful of members complaining that his class is too early for Saturdays, the numbers are still good! Besides that, he seems to have his own fan base all the way in Penang.

With the new BODYATTACK® 52 so challenging, it would be so nice to attend his class again!

So where can you find Jackson Pung?

exclusively in FITNESS FIRST, of course.