Monday, March 13, 2006


Saturday afternoon managed to watch Underworld: Evolution in Cheras. Not too bad if you're looking for action. The censorship have been kind too- only a couple of scene were but you could more or less figure out what was taken out.

Anyhow, seems like this year we'll be getting quite a few sequels this year. Outside the cineplex was the poster for the spoof Scary Movie 4.

The most anticipated sequels of the year, of course, wil pit a bunch of mutants going head on with the world's most famous superhero.

Normally when a movie does well in the box office, the producers will try to look into the possibilities of making sequels/prequels, eg. Terminator, Blade, The Mummy, Matrix, Spider-man, Poltergeist, etc. Notice the trend? Most of the time they are of the action/horror genre.

It's not common for romantic love story to have sequels. The one that comes to mind, though, is Oliver's Story, the sequel to 1970's Love Story. The original was a huge success, but the sequel bombed BIG time.

Maybe the notion "and they lived happily ever after" is the reason why sequels aren't made. And if your movie has a sad ending, maybe even more so your shouldn't do a sequel. Oliver's Story sucks because the original female lead had died and the sequel is just about... err... Oliver.

However, if they ever release a sequel to the Titanic, I'll definitely be interested.

Imagine this...


(I didn't do the poster- found it on the net with no credit given.)